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Home decor stores in Madrid to create a beautiful home.

Believe it or not, there are home decor stores in Madrid with personality. I’m not going to talk about franchises or multinationals that are in the industrial areas of the periphery. There’s life between expensive stores and low cost ones. They are a small group of home decor stores in Madrid with adjusted prices and good quality. And no, your house will not be a copy of all the others.

To create a pleasant background to be at ease, it takes much more than filling the space with the first thing you take. It doesn’t have to be neither the most expensive nor the cheapest, but simply objects with a special touch. We all have furniture from the Swedish multinational par excellence, but there’s life beyond. Keep reading and you’ll see how a whole decor world opens up.

Interior de La Oficial.

La Oficial (calle de la Ruda 9)

Our Portuguese neighbors have always been cracks in the subject of crafts, especially in ceramics. Leaves, conches or grape leaves in all kinds of well-colored supports. A joy for the eyes that makes La Oficial one of the most original home decor stores in Madrid. As it’s in El Rastro, so it’s very easy to drop by and buy Portuguese pottery by weight and give your home a vintage Portuguese touch.

Interior de González & González. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

González & González (calle Pelayo 68)

This is one of the most charming home decor stores in Madrid. It’s at the famous Pelayo Street, one of the most populated establishments per square meter. They have proposed to recover all the most traditional utensils and making them fashionable again. And without costing an arm and a leg you can have home objects made without hurry and designed to last. As they were made before. Daily cleaning products, for the kitchen or even for cleaning for slow life.

Tienda de Real Fábrica Española en Madrid.

Real Fábrica (calle de Cervantes 9)

In case there were not enough reasons to get lost in the Barrio de las Letras, the culmination of the hard work of Rocío Muñoz and her Real Fábrica comes. After years of success with its online store, it has found the ideal place to see and touch lifelong products. Of those we have seen our grandparents use and now have a second youth: classic toys, perfumery and cosmetics… even the Álvarez Encyclopedia! They also have a selection of the best gourmet products in Spain, such as Vic’s Fuet or anchovies from Santoña.

Fachada de Aneko. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Aneko (calle de Castelló 15)

Home decor stores in Madrid there’re many, but none with as much Japanese air as this one. Years ago, the owners of this business set up a Japanese restaurant and it was impossible for them to get the pottery they wanted. Therefore, they started importing ceramics from Japan and took the opportunity to assemble this store. In addition to crockery, they also have household items such as kitchen knives manufactured in Ginza, which are very popular with professional chefs.

Interior de Cesta República.

Cesta República  (calle Válgame Dios 6)

As you can imagine, of all the home decor stores in Madrid, Cesta República specializes in basket weaving. You can’t imagine how many different things they have: lamps, cushions, poufs, plaids and much more, from all over the world. This small business developed by Venezuelans is also a new focus of culture in Chueca. Organize the meetings “A cocktail with …”, in which relevant professionals of art, literature or music talk to everyone with the same concerns.

Interior de la tienda de R de Room en Madrid.

R de Room (calle Viriato 45)

Here you can find the best design without a hole in your pocket. Since they opened their physical store in Chamberí there’re already many who have become addicted to their style. They differ from the rest in that they constantly bring novelties that can’t be seen in other stores, with touches of color and style. Nothing of white and cold houses like a fridge: R de Room’s team knows how to create homes to live them. The key is that they also carry out interior design projects and reforms, so they know how to get the best result for each budget.

Artículos de hogar de Hijo de Epigmenio.

Hijo de Epigmenio (calle de la Puebla 13)

Its offer of handicrafts from all parts of Spain is a joy. They have from Níjar pottery to tablecloths from El País Vasco or glassware from Mallorca. It all began as a tribute to Epigmenio, the owner’s father, who created the most varied objects with only his hands. Now, the son has created this store as a tribute to him and to all those Spanish artisans with a very limited production. That is why all of its products are unique and will give a touch of originality to your home.

Interior de Do Design.

Do Design (calle de Fernando VII 13)

It could not be missed among the home decor stores in Madrid. I know it’s more like a concept store, and they don’t have furniture. But the objects they have for the house are so beautiful and also decorative. In fact, whenever I enter I imagine that my house is someday as beautiful as this store. If you have even design dustpan! Someday I’ll take the plunge and wipe out, but until then I’m acquiring unique little details that multiply the style of the environment where they are put.

Mobiliario de diseño en LA Studio. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

L.A. Studio (calle de Castelló 8)

In an old lamp factory close to the Retiro is this space to find iconic pieces of the second half of the s. XX. The mixture of furniture and decorative objects is very eclectic, and they marry perfectly. In fact, they are specialists in creating unique environments with old pieces, and they work a lot for publicity and private events. Going there is like walking through a design museum. Maybe enough of their products are beyond the reach of many mortals, but I know where to go when I can afford it.


Don’t have a house like the others. You just have to take a look at the home decor shops in Madrid that I’ve told you about. There’re options for all tastes and for all budgets. What is clear is that it’s very likely that no one knows where you bought the decoration or furniture in your home. And you’ll also create a beautiful home to be very comfortable.


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