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Tricks to live in Madrid told by a real bon vivant.

For the first time since 2009, I will tell you in one article my tricks to live in Madrid. Because apart from the gambling dens to party, the last place to be in the capital or where to take vermouth (the new castizo hit), I also lead a normal life. But of course, in a city like this, you have to organize yourself very well and know them all to make the most of your time and money.

Patio interior del Museo Reina Sofía.

Visit the museums of Madrid for free

When I arrived at Madrid a few years ago, one of the things I had very underlined was to visit each and every one of the museums in the city. I had come with the typical school excursion, but it is not the same. I have already gone to the Reina Sofía Museum several times, but I have not covered it all. But there is no problem, since both this museum and many others, there’s a day of free entry. And I do not mean a Tuesday morning. For example, the Reina Sofía museum is free from Wednesday to Saturday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Sundays from 1:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Here is the list of free museums in Madrid.

Árbol Shop, uno de los “Keepers” de Keepiz.

Save time and money thanks to the Keepiz lockers system

Tricks to live in Madrid there’re a few, but this is one of the most recent (and useful). One of the main features of a big city is that you leave the house in the morning and do not return home until nightfall. This is one of the reasons why there are people who do not make purchases because they do not go loaded all day. And let’s not talk about when shopping online. Then there is no one to pick up the package. That’s why I am a big fan of Keepiz, a wide network of “neighborhood luggage storage” (called “Keepers”) formed by hotels, shops, cafes, etc … with a space to store your bags or suitcases, functioning as a store bags in Madrid.

You choose where you want to leave the package, suitcase, keys of your old flat, motorcycle helmets, surfboards, Primark purchases … Today they have more than 30 lockers in Madrid, expanding the network of their “Keepers” . Many of them have schedules of 24 hours or very broad. I have also discovered that they have a mobile luggage storage service so you can leave your luggage in a consignment and pick it up later in another locker from the Keepiz network. I see it very practical to send a package from one place to another and to be picked up by a friend; or for the tourists who are loaded with suitcases during all their last day in Madrid. So you can leave your accommodation, send your bags to the airport and take advantage of everything you have left during the day.

Azotea del restaurante Séptima del hotel Only YOU Atocha. Foto de Diego Puerta.

Terraces in summer after dinner

In summer, and especially in August, sometimes it seems that Madrid is a ghost town. The sun is so hot that only the brave (or the unconscious) go out into the street. But once the sun goes down … that’s another issue. By day the best place to be is the pool, but when it gets dark, the plans are almost endless. From the summer cinema in Madrid, which is becoming increasingly trendy to meet the numerous rooftops and terraces of the city. And there’s an event where I can unite these two great passions: Atelier Gray Goose. At the VP Plaza España hotel, Filmin in collaboration with Grey Goose projects very top French films. One of the coolest tricks to live in Madrid.

Picnic en la Quinta de los Molinos. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Picnic in Madrid without leaving the city center

The city is very extensive, and those of us who are not used to living without seeing a bit of countryside from time to time, can be a bit hard. You can always go to make a route to the Sierra de Guadarrama, but it is not necessary to go far to enjoy the green. Apart from the mythical El Retiro Park, there are many more places, such as the Parque de las Siete Tetas or La Quinta de los Molinos, which becomes beautiful when almond blossom occur. And if you’re not one of those who likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you can always order take-away food … and tell them to take it to the park!

Taberna La Nueva, uno de los bares con tapa gratis. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Drinking beers with free tapas in Madrid

From time to time, dining for the price of two beers is very good. Or not? Hey, stop imagining grandparents’ bars. There’re great bars where, although have free tapas, they do not give you trash food. It’s true that they do not offer the elaborate dishes at the level of StreetXO, but hey. With reason is one of my most read articles, because I tried hard to tell you my tricks to live in Madrid, and there is no doubt that you like it. They’re pubs who do not usually have an Instagram account or appear in decoration magazines as the most groundbreaking venues, but they’re part of what makes Madrid authentic.

Interior del Mercado de la Cebada. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Shopping in the fantastic food markets of Madrid

Another of the tricks to live in Madrid is buying everything possible outside the supermarket. You may have already read my article about the food markets of Madrid, and have already attacked the Mercado de San Miguel or the very interesting Mercado de Vallehermoso. But apart from its foodie side, these spaces are amazing. One of my favorite ones is Mercado Maravillas, where the food stalls are more typical such as casquerías and they coexist with other Latin and Asian products, without forgetting a wide selection of spices and teas. Do you want to try meals from (almost) all parts of the world? Attack some of its stalls with unbeatable prices. My favorite day of the week is Saturday morning, when the market is crowded and go there is the neighborhood life of Madrid.


I’m still amateur in this tricks to live in Madrid, but as you can read, I’m on it. It’s what has to be a bon vivant castizo, I try to discover the best of the city. And telling you, of course. So, do not miss anything I post on Instagram, otherwise you will not find out!


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