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The best foodie neighborhoods of Madrid for naughty stomachs.

I’ve been walking by Madrid for more than 10 years and believe me, I know where are the city’s foodie neighborhoods. Those areas where every time you walk, you are caught by surprise with new restaurants that are constantly opening. If your steps are guided by the smell of food or you are on the lookout for the latest gastronomic novelty, this article is for you.

I wish I knew what I know now a few years ago. If I had to go back to find a house for rent in Madrid and the only thing that would guide me was my stomach, I have no doubt. One of these areas would be the chosen one. I would have a lot of gastronomic offers a step away from my home. Market cuisine, Asian, North American, French …  My mouth is watering  just thinking about it. Are you moving? Then you’re in luck J Read and choose!

Propaganda. Photo of Propaganda.


It’s known for being the gay neighborhood of Madrid, and also, it has the most interesting restaurants in the city. Lobsterie (Gravina, 17) is the pioneer of “lobster roll” that combine with oysters and French wine. Italy has its representation with Propaganda (Libertad, 12) It’s a wine shop with almost 400 references and an excellent meal. In addition, on Sundays, they have champagne brunch. The list of restaurants in Chueca is one of the most extensive.

Ultramarín. Photo of Madrid Cool Blog.


Madrid’s new fashion zone is becoming one of the most interesting foodie neighborhoods. Many young people move to this place because it’s next to Madrid Rio Park and at the same time near the center. Around the cultural center Matadero Madrid (Legazpi, 8) have opened restaurants such as DOT Café (Eugenio Sellés, 6) with a great variety of sandwiches. There’s also Ultramarín (Jaime el Conquistador, 31), the new place to be cool and with quality cuisine. Pay attention to me and don’t be the last to visit its streets.

Madrid’s Chinatown. Photo of Madrid Cool Blog.


Known as the city’s Chinatown, it is one of those foodies neighborhoods in Madrid that brings crazy to the most hungry people. Madrid’s locals and tourists visit this area looking for the most authentic flavors of China. For spicy lovers, your destination has to be Sabor Sichuán (Gabino Jimeno, 6). They bring peppers for its dishes directly from Asia, and their ingredients are top quality. Those looking for the most authentic Chinese cuisine: Royal Cantonés (Olvido, 92) will surprise you with dishes such as “Jellyfish Salad” or “Veal Tendons”. After going here, you will hate “Special fried rice”…

Park of Retiro. Photo of Madrid Cool Blog.


Although many are limited to walking through Retiro Park, more and more make incursions in the streets that are to the right of this green lung. That’s where expert foodies know what’s good. At Lambuzo  (Av. De Menéndez Pelayo, 59) you can try food from southern Spain (Cádiz), where I recommend your “Ensaladilla Rusa”. On the other hand, if you want torreznos, do not miss La Raquetista, (Dr. Castelo, 19), they’re very flavourful!

Cripeka. Photo of Madrid Cool Blog.


Some people call this as the city’s new golden mile for shopping. I tell you also for eating. I recommend Cripeka  (Sta. Teresa, 2) for breakfast, with its delicious German desserts with organic ingredients. MEAT (Sta Teresa, 4) is a gorgeous place for burgers and cocktails. They don’t booking, so it’s always an option when you are at Salesas. For dinner, Fismuler (Sagasta, 29) will discover the other side of Spanish cuisine, with new recipes for typical dishes, but you will have to book in time.

Chuka Ramen. Photo of Madrid Cool Blog.


This neighborhood is one of the most touristic of the city, but it hides authentic gastronomic jewels. If you leave the main streets and walk a little, you will find Chuka Ramen (Echegaray, 9). A place opened by an American who makes the best Chinese noodles in the city. The 8 hours of cooking and another 8 hours of rest are two of its secrets. Another proposal that you cannot miss is Triciclo (Sta. María, 28). Since it opened 5 years ago, a benchmark of market cuisine with seasonal produce.



The greatest variety of cultures of Madrid is concentrated to the north of this famous crossroads. There’re still a lot of traditional bars, but now they live with restaurants from all over the world. The three largest groups are Central Americans, Filipinos and Koreans. Each of them has opened restaurants of homemade food. Some good examples are Jun (Palencia, 30) for Korean food, Filipino food of El Supremo (Jaén, 15) and Ecuadorian recipes of Perla Ecuatoriana (Teruel, 9).


These are just some of the most interesting foodie neighborhoods in Madrid. Everyone has their own personality and they’re very different, but all of them are exciting. Some neighborhoods have a strong traditional character, while in others there’re many gastronomic options of all the world. That is why Madrid is an inexhaustible city for those who love eating 😉 Sharpen the fang and get to know the rest of the restaurants in Madrid that I talk about in the blog.


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