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Where do the influencers in Madrid eating?

If you still think that the influencers in Madrid only go to the restaurants to “get the picture”, you’re very wrong. Of course, photos are made (and so are you), but they don’t stop eating what’s on the plate. I have coincided with several and I can assure you they eat the same or more than me. And they are invited to so many places, they know what are the cool places to eat well. Take note of what I have learned from them!

En Camino Food & Drinks dominan la cocina mediterránea.

Camino Food & Drinks (calle Gutiérrez Solana, 6)

Hidden between Paseo de la Castellana and El Viso, this is one of María Pombo’s favorite restaurants. The reason? It’s always there because her father is the owner. So it’s very likely you will find the socialité enjoying its terrace. It’s specialized in Mediterranean cuisine and cocktails, which makes it perfect for a summer evening dinner. It’s said its “baked monkfish” is spectacular, and many of their friends who are influencers in Madrid have already tried it.

La famosa barra de Perrachica al lado de su terraza interior.

Perrachica (calle Eloy Gonzalo, 10)

More than a restaurant, I would define it as a 360 place (expression that is now very trendy) where to do everything and at any time of day. You are not part of the influencers in Madrid if you have not taken a picture in their cocktail bar or get sprawled on their sofas. It was one that gave the starting signal to the trend of cozy places, and that must be acknowledged.

Uno de los sándwiches de Pic&Nic de su local en Clara del Rey.

Pic&Nic (calle Clara del Rey, 52)

The first restaurant opened in the area of Clara del Rey, but has already opened its second restaurant in Malasaña (Calle de San Andrés, 31) in less than a year. And I assure you that if works, it is not only because of the people who are going to take pictures. But because of the people who are going to eat. Behind Pic & Nic is Grace Villareal, with food specializes in sandwiches that I doubt she can finish. But I do not take my mind off the photo I saw of the only hamburger they have in the menu. It’s up to Five Guys in quality, and it’s even bigger.

Interior de Bump Green, el local healthy de moda en el barrio de Salamanca.

Bump Green (calle de Velázquez, 11)

In the neighborhood of Salamanca, one of the first healthy food options that opened a while ago. Hey, that not for that reason renounces to be a place to be of Madrid jet set, since its brunch is one of the most requested. The most quoted site? The table next to the window, because it is the one with the most light. If you want to go on the weekend, I recommend you booking.

La terraza de El Jardín de La Máquina es espectacular.

El Jardín de La Máquina (Avda. Victoria, s/n)

If I lived in the north of Madrid, and could go every day, I would. I went this year at the beginning of spring and the terrace was not yet on. Now that I have seen how are their outdoor areas, coupled with the quality of their food, no wonder that in summer it’s crowded. One of the meeting places of the influencers in Madrid without a doubt. I loved its “Cod Grilled with ratatouille” and their croquettes, although in general they embroider all kinds of Mediterranean cuisine.

La colorida barra y las escaleras en tonos azules de La Pagoda. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

La Pagoda (calle Félix Boix, 7)

The colorful bar and staircase are widely known on Instagram, not in vain are one of the nicest spaces of the restaurants I know. This establishment specializes in Asian cuisine without complexes is a must of the influencers in Madrid because their food is delicious, healthy and above is surprising, as their “Falsos huevos rotos”. Some may go for the celebrity, but if they taste their food, they repeat it fixedly.


I’ve told you only some places, but you know that this is constantly changing and very soon it can be opened the new restaurant that becomes essential. I can assure you is that although the influencers in Madrid go to these places to take the picture, they also know eating well there. Like you!


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