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Eating cheap in Madrid without stomach pain.

If you want to eating cheaply in Madrid, you do not have to worry about eating dubious quality food in a fast food franchise. Even in the center, there’re glorious options for fine dining without finishing at the Museo del Jamón. And beware, I have eaten there several times (like many people), but there are much healthier and tasty options if you know where to go. And for that, you have this post. You’re welcome 😉

Sándwich de pastrami de Hot&Smoked.

Hot & Smoked (calle de la Puebla 9)

I am not the one who complains about foodie trends that regularly arrive in the city, especially if it’s the pastrami sandwich in Madrid. There’re many fine and elegant places to eat this delicacy with a knife and fork. I’m not of that opinion, I think it’s something you have to catch with your hands. And for this, this place hides a quality far superior to the average, and it complies with eating cheap in Madrid. Because of their size, bread and the amount of filling, they have no rival. Do not miss out on these finger food masters.

Puesto de Prost en el Mercado de Vallehermoso. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Prost (calle Vallehermoso, 36)

Inside Mercado de Vallehermoso there’s one of my secrets to eat good meat in the city. You can eating cheap in Madrid thanks to its adjusted prices, but I recommend that you go with more people so you can order their “pork ribs with BBQ sauce”. It’s an authentic delight, and you’ll leave there more than sated. They’re experts in grilled meat and in offering their customers an unbeatable manner … Do you notice that it’s one of my favorite places?

“Religion’s Burger” de Religion Café. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Religión Coffee (calle María de Molina, 24)

This place is much more than one of the temples of specialty coffee in Madrid. Thanks to them you can also eating cheap in Madrid and in a very healthy way. Proof of this is its “Sexy Hot Salad”, which is a hot salad with kale, pumpkin, sweet potato and a long etc. Nor do they neglect the carnivores with their “Religion’s Burger”, with minced meat by themselves and tomato jam. They also have a daily menu, and it is one of the best options in the area also for vegans and vegetarians.

CRUMB sandwich 01 G_00
Uno de los deliciosos sándwiches de Crumb.

Crumb (calle Conde Duque, 8)

Many years before the gourmet fever sandwiches arrived in Madrid, Crumb was already here. From the beginning they proposed quality in all parts of the sandwich, starting with the bread. They make their own bread with organic flours and sourdough, not using thawed or runny breads. They have a very short menu, with three salads and ten sandwiches, more than enough for all audiences. If your thing is going to see a movie in the cinemas of the Plaza de los Cubos, having a snack before or after is a good idea.

Interior de MEAT. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

MEAT (calle Santa Teresa, 4)

Finally there’re several places to eat hamburgers in Madrid, such as Five Guys or Clandestino Burger. But hey, this local at Alonso Martinez triumphs with a single hamburger, so you can imagine how good it is. The order I do when I go is the following: Cheeseburger, French fries, onion rings and a gin and tonic. I usually drink if I go to dinner and then I want to go out in the area. The only problem is that they do not booking, but if you wait a little bit quickly they find you a place. And meanwhile, you enjoy the atmosphere.

Poke bowl de La Pagoda.

La Pagoda (calle Félix Boix, 7)

Even in the most classic or expensive areas, you can eating cheap in Madrid. You do not believe me? In this Asian food restaurant you can eat for less than €15 if you order its “Tuna Poke Bowl”, very tasty and very healthy. The dish is the favorite of the owner Eva Chen, who devoured it when she lived in California, like the rest of the surfers of the West Coast. And if it satisfied the hunger of people who are all day in the water fighting with the waves, imagine it. If it isn’t close to you, there are many more places to eat poke bowl in Madrid. You will see it’s a great idea!

Surtido de platos de Madere. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Madere (calle del Cardenal Cisneros, 19)

It can go unnoticed among so many locals on Cardenal Cisneros Street. Of course, as soon as you know their dishes, that won’t happen again. Its menu is based on the dishes of Madeira cuisine, a Portuguese island. If you already knew (and liked) the food of our neighbors, with Madere it will be true devotion. They have all kinds of Madeira products: Brisa soft drink, Special Coral beer and “Bolo de mel de cana”, the island dessert by antonomasia. Its daily menu is very well priced, but if you share a “Espetada Madeira”, you will repeat for sure.

Puesto de Funky Chen en Yatai Market.

Yatai Market (calle Doctor Cortezo, 8)

Following the Asian stuff, one of my secrets for eating cheap in Madrid when I walk by Puerta del Sol. I have two basic dishes: Funky Chen noodles or Ramen San ramen. As they are a kind of combination plate, hungy will disappear. Grab a cold beer you will see that well. Then, keep kicking the center. They are not traditional dishes, but very practical and tasty.


You see? You can eating cheap in Madrid and eat quality food. If your wallet is more empty than you would like, your stomach does not have to resent it. There’re Asian, American, Portuguese food … a lot of options. Madrid is one of the best cities to eat out. Both for bulky pockets and not.


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