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Access procedures, cancellation, opposition and / or correction

In relation to your personal data, you are informed that he is guaranteed the rights of access, cancellation, opposition and rectification might exercise these rights by email to the address in the subject: “Data Protection” or by mail addressed to: writing to: MADRID COOL BLOG (Santa Engracia St, 61, Madrid), indicating in any case the reference: “data Protection” and accompanying document proving their identity, and copy of ID card.

Entitled to know what state your data; what kind of treatment are subject; where they were obtained; modify them if it considers are not correct, or initially but no longer reflect the current realities have changed it, or even completely cancel, as long as the latter is permitted by law.

To exercise these rights, the request is directed to the File shall contain the following:
Name of concerned, enclosing a photocopy of identity card (or any other valid document right in order to identify the applicant).

In the case of acting on behalf of someone, or a legal person, a photocopy of the document evidencing such representation.

Request that is based or application based.

Indication of an address for notification.

Documents, if any, to demonstrate the merits of the petition.

For sending the request will be any means that can demonstrate the sending and receiving of the application used.