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BrainBreak. Escape game at El Rastro in Madrid.

You are locked in a room of a prison and have 60 minutes to get out. To do this, you have to go solving puzzles and getting clues to get the key that allows you to open the door.

BrainBreak. Juego de escapismo en El Rastro de Madrid.
¿Cuál será la clave?

I went to the first games of escapism that is beginning to do in Madrid a couple of years ago as Exit / Output , which took place in the basement of the Centro Cultural Conde Duque and ParaPark , which took place in an old building near Noviciado.

BrainBreak. Juego de escapismo en El Rastro de Madrid.
Enfermería de la cárcel.

I explain how to play: a team between 2 and 5 people have to get together the clues and solve puzzles to reach the key that opens the door. All members have a very important role; some for their ability to keep a cool head, some because they are very adept at solving tests, others for their ability to memorize… The crux of the matter is teamwork, for it has become very popular among groups of friends who want to have a good time, but also for families and groups of employees for team building.

BrainBreak. Juego de escapismo en El Rastro de Madrid.
Hay que mirar con atención todo lo que te rodea.

The worst time is just entering because you do not know where to start. You face a lot of key locks or combinations of numbers. The only thing clear is the timer has already started counting backwards.
I have to tell you that although many people out, other not. Anyway you have a walkie -talkie to get in touch with the organizer of the game to ask for a hint if you’re really stuck.

BrainBreak. Juego de escapismo en El Rastro de Madrid.
El maletín que contiene la llave.

My team got out asking for some clues, but in the end we did. Whether you have escaped or not, some beers are necessary to talk about the experience 😉

Phone: +34 619.83.31.22
Schedule: Monday to Friday from 12:30 to 21:30. Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 21:30.
Address: Encomienda, 12, Madrid.

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