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Weekend getaways from Madrid: 7 essential plans for your visit to the Costa del Sol.

Just take a look at the road every weekend: half Madrid prepares its luggage to run out and look for a the sea. And one of Madrid traditions is the destination of this stampedes: Andalusia. The last time I escaped to the south was to know the province of Málaga, and more specifically its capital and Marbella. The best, its people, so pleasant I quickly felt a “boquerón” (they called itself in this way); the worst, the distance you have to do if you go driving, and that is, I don’t know whether for better or worse, the Costa del Sol is not so close to Madrid as I wanted…

Casco histórico de Marbella. Foto de

If you want to save money, the car is definitely the cheapest option when traveling around Spain: you can transport a lot of things, it allows you a Dutch Treat journey, and saves you of renting a car if you want to move a little in the area when you arrive. And of course, to squeeze the weekend, nothing like studing well the departure time to avoid traffic jams, preparing some sandwiches for non-stop route and have well planned what day you’re in destination. The last one is the thing I can help you, you know. When I go on vacation I like sea, but, just like I do in Madrid, I also prepared plans to enjoy other attractions like good food, charming places and some nature. It’s true that Andalusia offers especially sun and beach, but there’re many more things to do in the south, plus sunbathing. Do you want to know what my 7 essential plans to enjoy the Costa del Sol? Keep reading.


Plaza de los Naranjos de Marbella. Foto de
  • Take a walk by Marbella old town and have a drink at Plaza de los Naranjos

On the coast is often seen over-exploited villages who have lost all the charm that they had once. Luckily, the old town of Marbella is an exception. Cobbled streets and whitewashed houses are a joy. I took the opportunity to go early in the morning, when there’re still few people. The echo of your footsteps and the sound of water that dropped by the ladies watering flowerpots. For the appetizer, nothing like a cold beer at Plaza de los Naranjos. If you are the first, you can close your eyes and enjoy the silence and peace of an authentic Andalusian village.

Tortillita de camarones de La Relojera. Foto de
  • Eat a Shrimp Little Tortilla at La Relojera

Marbella has many restaurants to eat good Mediterranean food, but trust me. It isn’t the most stylish or glamorous, but it’s probably one of the most authentic restaurants of Marbella. Leaving behind the Puerto Deportivo and walking along San Ramon Street, you’ll get to this authentic fishing village restaurant with very fresh and very well done products. Its seafood paella is very tasty, but his Tortillita de Camarones (Shrimp Little Tortilla) is gorgeous.

Mar Mediterráneo. Foto de
  • Strut you stuff by the Paseo Marítimo

Marbella is a quality destination at Costa del Sol, all in Marbella is done with attention to detail, and its path to the sea could not be less. There’s a part that’s paved, designed to have a dring when the sun goes down after a day at the beach. But I ‘m talking about something else. At Puerto Banus direction, the promenade becomes a small fashion show (read: dirt track) where runners and grandparents enjoying the fresh air and maintain fitness early in the morning. Prepare your best clothes because here, running through the sand should be done with style.

Cócteles en Puerto Banús.
  • Burn the credit card at Puerto Banús and drink a cocktail

At 9 km. from Marbella, there’s a little microcosm full of sports cars, yachts and luxury to burn their signatures Visa buying clothing or jewelry. If you prefer not to take out the purchase, you can take a walk around its marina and soak up the atmosphere. To top off the evening, I suggest taking a cocktail at Astral Cocktail Bar. A very international enclave plenty of options, with or without alcohol, and they’respecialists in fruit cocktails.

Museo Carmen Thyssen. Foto de
  • Visit Carmen Thyssen Museum and watch Tita’s pink portrait.

This museum has nothing to envy of his older brother, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid. It’s housed in a former Malaga palace rehabilitated and extended with a modern and neutral style. You’ll place quickly when you see the queues at the entrance.

Cuadro rosa de Tita. Foto de

Exhibited artworks are part of the personal collection of Tita Cervera, especially XIXth and XXth century. You can see pictures of Zurbarán, Haes or Romero de Torres. Special mention to the Tita pink portrait with a pop touch and which is represented as it is, a great passionate of Spain; I personally love it.

Terraza en la calle Larios. Foto de
  • Wander by Málaga and know its Nazarí wall

Larios Street is a must. Connects the southern part of the city and its park by the sea with the Plaza de la Constitution. It’s one of the noblest streets of Malaga and the commercial center of the city. For me it was an absolute joy walking through it looking up and watching the stately buildings on both sides of the street.

Muralla de Málaga. Foto de

In the summer it’s covered  to take a walk or have a drink on a terrace without heat. And not far from the downtown you can meet the well preserved Nazari wall. Today, they’re discovering new sections.

Confitería Aparicio. Foto de
  • Eat a pie at Confitería Aparicio of Málaga

If you haven’t eaten their pies, you haven’t been it is as if you had not been in Málaga. All traditional recipes are at Confitería Aparicio, one of the oldest establishments in Málaga. Unfortunately closed its original location at Santa Lucia, you can go to their branches at Capuchinos Street or Malagueta. Don’t miss their Catalan cigar and if you’re lucky, maybe you can taste one of their torrijas and borrachuelos .

Macetas de Marbella. Foto de

And here is my little collection of must that you shouldn’t miss if you travel to Malaga. If I get some time to escape there again, in addition to savor their shrimp omelettes and walking between whitewashed houses, I promise to investigate new plans.

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