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Macera . Cocktails with handmade alcohol at Malasaña.

Nightlife in the downtown of Madrid without bad drinks destroying you or with a hole in your pocket is possible. Cocktails made by an expert who has worked in luxury hotels such as Four Seasons, it’s more complicated. What is a real miracle is the price: 7 euros. If you prayed for something, your prayers have come true in Macera.

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The maker of this miracle is Narciso. After several years working in the world of high restoration, he decided to leave everything behind and start a business on his own. Keeping doing the same but differently.

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Talking to him (I and anyone who comes near him because he loves to convey his passion) told me that he ended up sick of working for big brands. So he took a sabbatical to mulling over his idea and thus was born Macera.

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Narciso offers quality product at prices you and me can afford. And with another very special feature: he creates his own drinks. And I do not mean only the combinations of ingredients, I mean the alcohols themselves.

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In fact, he has selected basic distillates suppliers, and he has developed his own rums, gins or wiskies, mixing them with natural ingredients such as herbs, raspberries, blueberries, cinnamon, licorice sticks … The result is precisely the bottles that are on the shelves working as a decoration, while all macerate together.

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The place has a very cool industrial ambient where you can do whatever you want. Here there’s absolute freedom. You can even take a sandwich or drinking a coffee, because not always you want a cocktail, but always having a good time.

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Therefore, there’s low tables with chairs in the entrance, high stools at the bar and a large communal table at the end, turn right, but it isn’t always available because there’s where Narciso makes the mixtures. It will be probably full of bottles, corks, ingredients, and other labels for writing. But this table has another purpose, workshops to learn making cocktails at home.

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There’re three, but I love the last: “I want to be a Draper”. Because yes, because all we ever wanted to emulate Don’s cocktails and he has created a trend of classic cocktail that is unknown to many (me first).

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Hey, I ‘ll give you a great idea for your next gift: a custom bottle, customized for its addressee. Of course, if you decide to do it you’ll have to go with time, because the process of maceration of the ingredients varies and there’re no gimmicks. Everything is done in the old fashioned way.

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I suggest you go according to European schedule, because it fills up. No joke, the photos are from 6 pm and look at all the people there.

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The secret of success of Macera is doing new things in the traditional way. I remembered my grandfather doing pomace herbs. Narciso reflects that tradition preserved in many parts of Spain, complete with year career at the highest level and offers the most modern in the world of mixology of Madrid.

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Finally I ‘ll give you a #chivatazoMCB before anybody else, and that’s big news for lovers of good drink of Barcelona: a new Macera is going to open very soon. And if you live in Madrid, sign up for my newsletter. September is very hot!


Macera Taller Bar
Phone: +34 910.11.58.10
Schedule: Tuesday to Thursday 13:00 to 2:00 hrs. Friday and Saturday 13:00 to 3:30 hrs. Sunday 16:00 to 2:00 hrs.
Average price: cocktail 7€
Address: San Mateo, 21, Madrid.


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