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La Pagoda . The new Asian cuisine is in this Chamartín restaurant.

Do you want to be an expert in the new Asian cuisine? You’ll do that at this Chamartin restaurant with fusion of cuisines from Japan, Thailand and China with the Spanish recipes that surprises the experts. Beware this post and you’ll see how to hit the nail on the head.

Fachada y terraza. Foto de

I know maybe you think Plaza de Castilla isn’t as cool as other areas of Madrid, but I tell you that you can be surprised. Evidence of this is Nitty Gritty (I have it on the list pending) or Duck & Sushi, about I’ve already written. Don’t worry, I’ll be watching out and I’ll tell you.

Mesas de la ventana. Foto de

First of all I’m going to talk about the deco. It’s super cool, very bright and full of white and blue. There’re two areas, one near the facade with large windows and a bigger indoor lounge. Between them, a large bar and stairs that have already been the scene of several photo shoots for magazines and it-girls of Instagram.

Mostrador. Foto de

It all started thanks to the fresh breath of the new generation of the family that raised mythical Tao restaurants; and its novel way of conceiving Asian cuisine. Young people who have grown up in Spain and has traveled around the world has launched its version of the Asian-Spanish fusion. If you see the pictures you have noticed it’s a very charming restaurant, but I also ate there too much. I got there very hungry because it was more than 3:00 pm and I ask for more than I could eat.

Harumaki. Foto de

First, a consistent snack based on Shrimp Harumakis, which are bamboo rolls involving seafood and shiitake; and Crab Rangoon, stuffed ravioli with cheese cream and crab. As you see, they are quite filling, characteristic shared with the rest of the menu.

Falsos huevos rotos. Foto de

I couldn’t resist and I ate False Broken Eggs. The recipe only shares the egg with the original. I discovered tuna, seaweed, shrimp straw bread… I advance you it’s out of this world.

Nigiri de pez mantequilla. Foto de

I attacked the Japanese side of the menu with Butter fish nigiris, you know I have to eat them always I see them. Truffle flavour and very photogenic, I don’t know if I managed.

Mar y Montaña roll. Foto de

I could have eaten only with the Sea and Mountain rolls. Inside it has prawns, and above are covered with carpaccio of flambe beef and a little dried tuna getting that effect I like, as Okonomiyaki of Hanakura. I couldn’t eat them all, but I did my best ;-)

Takos coreanos. Foto de

I also ate Korean Takos, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to taste this mix of apparently very different cuisines: Mexico and Japan. And you know what? Achievement unlocked! They are stuffed with sirloin with grilled vegetables, kimchi sauce with a little itchy. Suitable for all tastes and it’s scrumptious.

Queso fresco, mango y kiwi. Foto de

I chose the dessert that seemed cooler, and for once in life, which had more fruit: Fresh cheese, kiwi and mango. After the previous filling I lowered the temperature, not to mention all the vitamins I took.

Escalera. Foto de

I tell you: Chamartin is an area that’s becoming increasingly popular, with some of the most interesting openings of restaurants in the capital and also very good quality-cost relationship. La Pagoda is a good example, and if you click here, see the list of all the restaurants I have tasted.


La Pagoda
Phone: +34 913.45.40.47
Schedule: everyday 13:00 to 17:00 and 20:30 to 1:30 hrs.
Average price: 25€
Address: Félix Boix, 7, Madrid.


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