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Tuk Tuk. Asian street food at Chamberí.

Asian street food in Madrid, recipes that are eaten at street stalls in Southeast Asia Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand mainly. Rick is the best to bring all these flavours toMadrid, and more specifically Chamberí.

Fachada de Tuk Tuk. Foto de

He followed her parents from an early age worldwide by the work of his parents, multinational hotel company employees, until it ended up in Southeast Asia, mainly in Bangkok, where he settled. He worked like an martial arts films actor: where there was always a very big and burly western that was “a bad guy”. That was Rick. Supplemented his income with work in restaurants, so he learned firsthand how things were done, not seen in any documentary nor course, he learned by experience. Years passed and Rick came to live in Madrid with his wife and decided to pursue his other passion apart from acting, restoration. Nico, the manager of Cardinal Cisneros, is not far behind, as he was chef of DiverXo, whose most stray side we met in StreetXo.

Interior de Tuk Tuk. Foto de

One year later has already opened two Tuk-Tuk, one in Cardinal Cisneros and one in Barquillo; one that is already underway and very soon we will see them with a brand new foodtruck. They have led street food to a restaurant, and are now very excited about returning to their roots, to the street again.

Bangkok de noche. Foto de

The Cardenal Cisneros is the first restaurant they opened, and continues with the same decor, inherited half from the previous business and half done by them. Don’t have a warm interior, nor is the new place-to-be and there is no minimum posing. Yes, the food is very tasteful and resembles a lot Bangkok street food. And it served in the same way: very hot, very spicy and flavourful.

Sopa Pho de Tuk Tuk. Foto de

We’ve gone one day of the weekend for dinner and a recent weekday for lunch. Our daily menu consisted of a beef soup with noodles and vegetables creation of Tuk Tuk, whose base is a Vietnamese Pho soup and then the Chungking Express: beef sauteed with peppers, mushrooms and sweet garlic with its corresponding ration of rice. Don’t be stresses by the names of the plates, before asking Udang Goreng Lada Hitam (for instance), you can look at what is in the menu, and waiters there will explain you with a smile and good vibes. In the words of my mother, the soup was “warm” (which means “boiling”) but in a couple of swalows of Pilsner Urquell has cooled down enough

Chungking Express. Foto de

Tender meat, softy noodles and Oriental herbs flavours. Chungking Express is delicious with a strong taste and after you can confront a spinning class or whatever it takes. Strips of beef mixed with rice, all with the sauce, made you forget how hot it was. And yes, you can eat with chopsticks without problem. We sure come back to continue trying their menu, their good cheer and casual air, and eager to meet their foodtruck!


Tuk Tuk
Phone: +34 91.445.91.80
Schedule: everyday 13:00 to 23:30 hrs.
Average price: daily menu 10,50€.
Address: Cardenal Cisneros, 6, Madrid.

Tuk Tuk on our map

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