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Jimbo Smokehouse. The real Texas BBQ at Chamberí.

I told you about my favorite places to eat with your hands, but I keep looking for, like this real Texas BBQ at Madrid. I could say that I’ve started the paleo diet, but I’ll lie. I began to see meat trays at IG, ¡and I’ve to taste them!

Sin trampa ni cartón. Foto de

I don’t know if you remember, but in Spain we could see “Man Vs. Food” Adam Richman’s T.V. show. He told his pilgrimage around U.S.A. restaurants with the best meat (and portions so abundant that sometimes he couldn’t finish). With him, I discovered Brisket.

A disfrutar. Foto de

Yes, that meat that’s always cooked for a lot of hours. Just seeing the happy Adam face I knew someday I had to taste it. Do you know what? It’s at Jimbo’s and it’s delicious.

Fachada y terraza de la entrada. Foto de

They’re experts in cooking the meat with smoke, but they also have ten types of beer and know what beer is best for what kind of meat. Well, in fact I saw people going directly to make a personal beer tasting, so #beerhunters have another place of pilgrimage.

Diez cervezas diez. Foto de

It comes the turn to speak of the meat. They’ve four specialties: Brisket, Pulled pork, Pork ribs and Chicken thigh. And if you’re a superfan of meat, they have a tray with all. ALL. Notice that my friends say it’s for three people. My experience consisted of a dinner with beer pairing. Some Nachos with radishes and sour cream with a corresponding Boris beer.

Carnes de Jimbo. Foto de Jimbo Smokehouse.

These Brisket burgers have the special flavor that gives its secret sauce and coleslaw. I’m crazy about this meat, cooked between 16 and 20 hours. I recognize I focused on the burger and forgot the beer…

Costillas ahumadas con guarnición de Jimbo. Foto de Jimbo Smokehouse.

The countdown to one of the Jimbo’s hits ended: Rack of pork seasoned with chili powder and spices and sauce slathered with homemade BBQ. The beer also was powerful: Cereal Killer. Meat is separated from the bone gently and gluttony does the rest.

Helado de donut. Foto de Jimbo Smokehouse.

To top off a dessert that I had never tried: Homemade Ice Cream Donut. No, it had no meat, but it was accompanied by the Yin beer, very dark and sticking. As you see, it was pretty intense, but the important thing is: here you can eat very well. I’ve already spoken on other occasions of veggie restaurants in Madrid, but if you want to eat meat as Texan people, go right here. It’s said by the ever-growing American colony visiting them.

Mesas comunales de Jimbo. Foto de

Grab a chair of its large communal wooden tables or at the bar attached to the window. Of course, you probably want to take a walk by Santander Park after eating there…


Jimbo Smokehouse
Phone: +34 910.00.55.40
Schedule: Sundat to Thursday 13:00 to 1:00 hrs. Friday and Saturday 13:00 to 2:00 hrs.
Average price: dishes 15€, meat tray 30€
Address: Plaza Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 4, Madrid.


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