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Peyote San. The restaurant of the new Japanese and Mexican fusion.

The Madrileño foodies are already aware of the opening of this restaurant that’s off to a great start, and the reasons are many. Not only is it the new place-to-be that has opened; it’s the place everyone is talking about. I went to try Peyote San to know if the rumors are true and here I am, ready to tell you the whole truth.

I would not be surprised if your girlfriend already told you she wants to go to Peyote San. It has been featured in a lot of magazines and is the new gastro destination in the center of Madrid, but here there are much more than couples and groups of girls celebrating birthdays. If you are going there thinking about just having a small salad you will be surprised.

Interior de Peyote San. Foto de

It’s one of the fashionable restaurants of 2017 and with good reason. Its new and fresh combination of Japanese and Mexican cuisine has surprised me a lot, almost as much as the name of the dishes. In fact, after reading the letter, I think the best choice I made was to ask our waitress Pao for advice. And thank goodness.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; first you need to get yourself there. Peyote San is located on a corner of Plaza de Colón, wall-to-wall with Habanera, one of her “sisters”. But it’s not a copy (yes, if you like your “birthday cake” you’ll find it there, too).

Barra de Peyote San. Foto de

The Larrumba group wanted to give a quality leap with this new restaurant that opened just over two months ago. For this, it has had two successful chefs: Hugo Muñoz (formerly of Kabuki) and Santi Aroca (formerly of Punto MX , which recently passed the controls to Roberto Velázquez for the mex part). With their experience and fresh raw materials they have created delicious recipes.

The plan is the following: share Japanese-Mexican or Aztec-Japanese fusion dishes or… I still don’t know very well how it’s said, but I assure you that Peyote San will start to set a trend and soon others will open in their wake following the success.

Mesa redonda de Peyote San. Foto de

If you follow my advice and don’t eat with a bit of restraint, you may end up rolling out of there. The starters are very rich delicatessen, tiny works of art that are eaten in one bite. But I assure the final trace of the meal will satisfy you, especially if you are a declared carnivore.

Grafitis de Peyote San. Foto de

This time a good friend accompanied me at lunch, and if it weren’t for her, I assure you that I would have needed a couple of almax. Because what initially consisted of a tasting of small dishes ended up with half of the desserts left on the table because we just couldn’t finish them.

“Gunkan de cochinita pibil” de Peyote San. Foto de

Let’s start with my chronicle of Peyote San. First, a little bit of Mexico and a little bit of Japan: “guacamole en molcajete” and “gunkan de cochinita pibil”. Rich, fresh guacamole with a spicy Japanese point and tasty gunkan meat, which, if you add a little pickled onion, is complete.

“Takoyakis” de Peyote San. Foto de

Little by little the entity of the dishes were raised, but I must admit that I could not resist asking for the “takoyakis”. I’m really a fan of these balls made with octopus and Japanese mayonnaise. I already know that they are as “fusion cuisine” as the potato omelet, but they really appeal to me, and in Peyote San they are experts.

“Ikezukuri de cabracho” de Peyote San. Foto de

For the first time in my life I tried the Ikezukuri, in San Peyote’s version with the scorpion fish and japan-mex dressing. It’s a way of doing Sashimi with a live fish presented on top. A gastronomic delight that was the counterpoint to the last main course, giving way to the Japanese delicacy…

Detalle de la “costilla de res” de Peyote San. Foto de

You have to go at least two people with a lot of hunger for the “rib of beef in teriyaki with fried yucca”. Seriously, I’m used to good service regularly, but just seeing the waitress carrying the tray with both hands, made a small cold sweat run down my back.

Vista lateral de la “costilla de res” de Peyote San. Foto de

It’s the biggest piece of meat I’ve seen in a long time. Cooked for hours, with a sauce that uses Japanese ingredients somewhat sweet and mellow. It’s a piece so big that I can distinguish (at least I do) four types of meat well differentiated. Only those who are really hungry will be able to finish the piece, which has become my new culinary challenge in Madrid.

“Café de olla” de Peyote San. Foto de

We topped off with the refreshing “3 milk pie” and Peyote San’s version of “café de olla”, which is a kind of chocolate desert with sponge cake and ice cream where coffee is poured and eaten all together. I was upset that I wasn’t to be able to finish it, but I don’t rule out spending another day…

By the way, as we went to eat during the week, we couldn’t eat with alcohol, but they have another option to add fantasy to your meals: fantastic fruit cocktails. You already know that I’m not that much into fruits, but in the granulized form and with a straw to accompany the meat, was a combination suggested by the waitress and hit the spot.

Decoración de Peyote San. Foto de

If good food is combined with a great location, and a cool atmosphere and decor, I assure you that it’s no wonder that besides being able to make a reservation on their website, you can also sign up for the waiting list.

Translated by, the podcast about Madrid in English.


Peyote San 
Phone: +34 910.88.22.12
Schedule: Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 1:3 am.
Address: Marqués de la Ensenada, 16, Madrid.


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