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Pinkoco. Natural cosmetic shop and accessories at Salesas.

I remember the first time I looked at the shop window of Pinkoco. I was walking with a friend who told me: ” Look that cool bag, the palm trees one.” I don’t like bags very much 😉 but then I made a mental note (and another one on the iPhone) because few days after it was her birthday and I couldn’t pass a track like that…

Fachada. Foto de

The fact is that when I went to buy its gift and I walked in the door I didn’t find a shop selling handbags . Instantly I thought I was wrong but no, palm trees bag was there, next to the store ‘s star product : handmade cosmetics made with natural products in Verona.

Jarrón y entrada. Foto de

On the shelves where I expected to find only bags, there were soaps, creams, body , exfoliating gels and solar products. “Then it’s a cosmetic store, but why the bags? ” Because Piero, the mastermind of all of this, also have two other great passions: fashion design and decoration. So he decided to create a space where all their concerns were accommodating.

Deco. Foto de

Before arriving Piero, the local was occupied by a very old bar, but not that we like you and me, a dirty and disheveled one. The only thing that remained was the bar, which serves as counter for the store and for other use ‘ll tell you later. Everything is painted in bright white with lush vegetation , with Monstera Deliciosa and Bananeros that give a fresh air and fun.

Palmeras. Foto de

Cosmetic occupies a prominent place in the items they sell, but, as I say, you can also find a selection of chosen objects as hand decorated dishes of Andrea Zarraluqui and home accessories. In relation to women’s fashion, limited collections of jewelry and scarves come together.

Bolsos. Foto de

He designs all bags of the store and are produced in Spain, so they’re virtually unique. If you don’t want to match with anyone who has the same complement, this is your place. For the theme of interior design of the store he count on the help of Luis Puerta , Mestizo Store deco store’s partner, shop I have already spoken to you on another occasion.

Bisutería. Foto de

Piero wanted to share with anyone who goes to its local a bit of its country, Italy. There it’s celebrated one of the most chic Italian appetizers of Madrid. That’s precisely the other use I commented given to the old bar: this haven of peace becomes, from 20:30 hrs. certain Thursdays a month, a meeting place for everyone who wants to celebrate the afterwork in a very different way, with cocktails and snacks. I told you it wasn’t just a cosmetic store.

Cosmética. Foto de

It’s an original idea, but it isn’t the only versatile premises in Madrid. If you want to know more about shopping, I recommend you have a look of mys posts of Kikekeller , Do Design and El Paracaidista.

Phone: +34.658.71.53.85
Schedule: Monday to Thursday from 11:00 to 14:30 hrs. Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 20:30 hrs.
Address: Santo Tomé, 8, Madrid.

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