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Bache. Andalucian restaurant with Asian touches at Chamberí.

Carlos Cano said in his famous song: “Havana is Cádiz with more black people” . If he had visited Bache, perhaps lyrics had changed a bit and had finished his chorus with a resounding ” Cádiz is east with more charm”.

Interior. Foto de

The name of the place, Bache, is a nod to the typical taverns of ” La Tacita de Plata” where wines are made with a tapa. At the head of this restaurant is Alejandro Alcántara, one of the two chefs who led the TV show “Cocineros al Volante”, because he was born there. Thanks to him a very special version of the Cádiz cuisine reaches to the center of the peninsula with Asian touches and always prepared on the basis of the best raw materials in the market that day.

Barra de planta baja. Foto de

The restaurant has two floors. At the bottom, the long bar is the main attraction, but they also have some tables against the wall where you can eat while watching the street. The upstairs is more intimate and quiet; the table by the window was not ours , but I found the best of all the local when I went up to take the pictures of that area.

Tomatitos con pesto. Foto de

There are very cool ambience in the place. The waiters (all from Cádiz) are super nice and then you’ll feel comfortable with the deal. The soundtrack local its composed by the Gypsy Kings duet with talks between the waiters and regular clients. But do not be fooled, behind all that casual air there’s a very designed cuisine making the difficult seems easy.

Arroz negro. Foto de

Following the tail of Cádiz taverns, its menu focuses on sharing rations. Among its options you’ll find croquettes, bathrooms and bao buns along with more hearty dishes.

This time I was accompanied by two friends, so we could ask for more things to share, the perfect method to know in depth. We started by Tomatitos with pesto and parmesan that are a delight; peeled and very juicy with just the touch of pesto. Very tasty Gyozas of beef came after that. Another commands was the Japanese- Cuban sandwich, which is made with a steam bun filled of flaked pork, pickles, Yakinku salsa and of course cilantro. You have to eating it with your hands, fast and freshly made.

Sándwich japo-cubano. Foto de

Also we shared a couple of main ones: Black rice which almost I have no time to take the picture… Dogfish curry marinade, a soupy and spicy warm dish I was forced to accompany with a cold beer 😉 . Just quite full but not enough to go by the dessert. Many called our attention, but we listened to the recommendation of our waiter and took the Spicy creamy chocolate (one more time), crumbe and thyme crumble.

Cazón al curry con arroz. Foto de

If the body asks you to experience for a day while maintaining the roots of the recipes of southern Spain, give it a chance to Bache. You’ll sing like Raimundo Amador their song ” Pa Mojar” (“To Dipping”).

Cremoso de chocolate. Foto de

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Phone: +34 918.28.95.88
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday from 13:30 to 16:00 hrs. and from 21:00 to 0:00 hrs. Sunday from 14:00 from 16:30 hrs.
Average price: 25€
Address: Rodríguez San Pedro, 2, Madrid.


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