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Perrachica. The new trendy restaurant in Chamberí.

Perrachica promises to be the trendiest restaurant in Madrid this 2015. It is the last opening Larrumba Group, owners of Frida and Marieta.

Interior. Foto de

The place is huge and distributed in different areas. You can have breakfast or cocktails, separately or simultaneously. There covered terrace area for smokers, different areas for lunch or dinner, two bars cocktails and a sofa area to let time pass by.

Zona de cafetería. Foto de

All space is decorated giving each area its own character but within a unit, New York and industrial style, with many tropical tips, so trendy. The clientele at lunchtime a weekday, was fairly homogeneous: beautiful people, young executives with the smartphone in the hand, mothers and daughters resting from a hard day of shopping and groups of friends without hurry for meal.

Barra de cócteles. Foto de

We went three people, so we ordered variety of dishes and we were able to make a fairly accurate picture of how the restaurant is. Being the new place-to-be involved in the neighborhood, almost automatically, you have to booking p reviously for sure.

Tomate, croqueta y berenjena. Foto de

We started with a few appetizers to share: Eggplants, molasses and hummus (8.90€), croquettes squid in its own ink (3 units, 4.45€), oxtail croquettes (3 units 5.45€ ) and stuffed tomato and pesto mousse Burratina (9.90€).

Tataki de salmón. Foto de

Eggplants were the best of the 3 courses, very crispy and with a delicious hummus, well presented. The croquettes were good, especially oxtail, with good chunks of meat. Tomato, just correct, not like Midtown.

Perrachica Burger. Foto de

Main courses: 60°C shank kebab marinated in herbs, yogurt sauce and hint of mint (9.90€), salmon tartare, slightly spicy and mayohesa wakame seaweed (12,90€) and Perragrande burger (sirloin chopped chopping knife with bacon, Tzalziki sauce, homemade ketchup, Edam cheese and lettuce (14.50€).

Kebap de jarrete. Foto de www.madridcoolblog.ocm

Kebab without any accompaniment, in a basket. Salmon tartare yielded us great surprises and Perragrande burger it was fine, although neither the bacon nor the sauces are too noticed and was boiled than cooked.

Tarta de manzana. Foto de

For dessert, we ordered hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream (6.90 €). Along with eggplants, the best of the visit. By bringing the bill they charged us bread we did not ask, but quickly amended the error it shows that they still have something to shoot but want to do well.

Terraza cubierta. Foto de

It’s not a place of abundant rations, but Perrachica is not just for eating. You go to know the local, to taste something there, to see and be seen. It’s an experience that goes beyond the culinary. Of course, as a place for a light dinner and take an early cocktail seems a great choice.


Phone: +34 917.37.77.75
Schedule: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 2:30 hrs. Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 2:30 hrs.
Average price: 20-30€.
Address: Eloy Gonzalo, 10, Madrid.

Perrachica on our map

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