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Atlantik Corner. Portuguese restaurant in Madrid.

Do you remember the Bacalhau à Brás you tasted in Portugal that weekend? Yes, Portuguese restaurant Atlantik Corner has it. But much more.

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Una de las mesas más codiciadas. Foto de

Based on Portuguese cuisine, which already has enough fusion (though often we stay in the most typical dishes) at Atlantik Corner made a tour for all over the kitchens of the world where is or has been Portuguese presence: Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, the Moluccan Islands … until Goa, Sri Lanka and even the small colony of Nagasaki in Japan. Starting from the Atlantic Ocean and ending almost at the antipodes.

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The trip is of food and wine. They have Morocco wines (like Tandem), wines of continental Portugal and for dessert, because you know that Portuguese have special wines for dessert, like Brandy’s of Madeira. Don’t be shy to ask why they have outside of the menu, there’ll be good surprises.
The whole approach it’s work of Nuno de Noronha, a Portuguese ballet dancer, after a short time working in the marketing world, he realized that his other passion, besides dancing, is gastronomy. And Nuno wanted to do it very well, first formed in the Basque Culinary Center, and with the support of the Galician kitchen chef Carlos Nunez, was launched to create this new gastronomic approach.
The place has a modern decor with Portuguese subtle touches like red carnations in vases and especially quiet and calm environment generally owned by the Portuguese. But let the crux of the matter, their great menu.

Bacalhau à brás. Foto de
Carabinero con cous-cous. Foto de

I taste several dishes, but because we were 5 people and share all, to get a better idea of the proposal. After a Zorza croquettes (6 €) and a Bacalhau fritters with sweet garlic garlic mayonnaise (6 €), nothing greasy, we begin with the starters. Artichoke coal with crispy langoustine tails and piri piri (14.50 €). I’m not a vegetable, but I will say that I have won these artichokes, sooo softy and tasty. The piri piri is a spicy chile used in African cooking, but not fear, everyone gets what wants. Bacalhau à Brás (12,50 €) very good and with family homemade restaurant alike with a touch of the Algarve village. Red shrimp grilled over charcoal with cous-cous with vegetables and red curry sauce (€ 15.90), which preparation ending at the table, with all the flavor of good raw material.

Picantón. Foto de
Arroz meloso. Foto de
Churrasco. Foto de

After that came the main courses: Marinated poussin with alhos d’vinha five citrus (14,60 €) and Sticky rice with mushroom ragout and cheese from Serra da Estela (€ 17.95) with the character of cheese, for those who are fans, we love. The Skirt steak with chimichurri and grilled ratte potatoes (€ 21.50) is an indispensable choice, made at low temperature and then a blow to make that perfectly crispy on the outside. For dessert, Fresh fruit soup with basil and cream (€ 5.95). It’s fruit, but the soup is super refreshing and ice cream, very fresh. French toast (6.50 €) very delicious. They haven’t francesinha, but if we all ask for it, surely they’ll adding to the letter …

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Atlantik Corner
Phone: +34 910.71.72.45
Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday 13:30 to 16:00 hrs. and 19:00 to 0:00 hrs. Tuesday and Sunday 13:30 to 16:00 hrs.
Average price: 25-35€.
Address: Ventura de la Vega, 11-13, Madrid.


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