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El Perro y La Galleta. Mediterranean restaurant at Retiro.

In El Perro y la Galleta (The Dog and the Biscuit) , the smell of cookies will take you back to childhood for a moment. It happened to us. Whether in cafes when it comes accompanying coffee, and Vacaciones Café; or in restaurants being main part of the concept , as in the Bar Galleta. The restaurant I am going to talk about is the little brother of this one, although this is bigger. It follows the same trend , but with a more elegant and cosmopolitan tone.

Comedor con vistas al Retiro. Foto de
Salón con alacenas. Foto de

I went for lunch weekdays and we had to wait a while to have a free table in the main dining room, which overlooks the Retiro. There are two other areas , an intermediate zone with walls covered with dishes and cabinets inside which is a L-shaped bar to sit watching how the courses are prepared in the kitchen.

Berenjenas rebozadas con galleta. Foto de
Hamburguesa de buey. Foto de

It was a very long work morning, and when I sit down we ordered a powewrful meal. Starter, Eggplant cookie rolled with Parmesan and pomodoro (9.5 €) ; main course , Hamburger steak with caramelized onions and crispy bacon (13.5€) ; and dessert, Three Chocolates cake with cookie ice-cream (6€) . Although it was four o’clock in the afternoon , still they had a lot of mess with the food orders.

Tarta 3 chocolates con helado de galleta. Foto de

The cookie batter is very interesting and gives a flavor to the eggplant less rare than one might think, and left a good juicy inside to mix with cheese. The burger for our taste, a little less done and less hot than we would have liked, but still good and filling. We ordered the dessert the waiter recommended us, the Three chocolates cake, and its combination with the cookie ice-cream was the best part of the meal.
If you’re a cookie fan, not hesitate to try El Perro y la Galleta, and if you ‘re not, certainly its novel use in the kitchen making will surprise you.


El Perro y la Galleta
Phone: +34 606.82.24.21
Schedule: Monday to Wednesday 8:30 to 0:30 hrs., Thursday and Friday 8:30 to 1:00 hrs., Saturday 10:00 to 1:30 hrs., Sunday 10:00 to 0:30 hrs.
Average price: 25-30€.
Address: Claudio Coello, 1, Madrid.


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