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The scoundrel kitchen of Bocacalle restaurant at Alonso Martinez.

There’re restaurants very funny. And Bocacalle is one of those restaurants where the menu is designed to surprise the clients. Haute rogue cuisine in Alonso Martinez beside MEAT. The restaurant has a few tables, and surely soon be the most booked of Madrid, with Navaja. Not for the money, because of the quality and originality of what they offer.

Bosses are three lifelong friends who came together to start this adventure when one of them, after studying law and working at London, returned to Spain to do what he always wanted to do. A restaurant . Dani is their chief cook, has worked with Martin Berasategui and other great chefs, but what matters is that he has fun with cooking. All the menu were created by him. The first thing came to the table was a plate with pepperoni, sausage and cheese, just to laughing at. Almost all raw materials are typically Spanish . What changes is the way of cooking and combining them, along with techniques: slow cook , spherifications , torch…

Samosa aragonesa. Foto de
Capricho ahumado. Foto de
Capricho ahumado. Foto de
Estofa-dog. Foto de
A la abuela le gusta el queso. Foto de

We started with a Samosa Aragonesa (10 € ), which is a piece of fried chicken stuffed wheat chilindrón , as such, crisp and tasty. Then came its version of the Fish & Chips (12 € ) to the Spanish –Japanese mood, because it’s marinated dogfish with wrinkled Canarian potatoes and kimchi red mojo. 0% fat. Then came the Capricho Ahumado (7.5€), typical Asturian sardine catch and prepare a sweet plate. After that, Arroz arbóreo en plancton (11.5 € ) and Estofa -dog (10.5 € ). The rice tastes and smells like pure sea and yes, it’s green. The hot dog is one of the winks to other cultures, in this case American one, but made with Iberian pork cheek. To finish off with A la abuela le gusta el queso (6 € ), it’s very beautiful and delicious. Great auction for a dinner in a place from which you want to return with friends to show it , and I’ll do .As we were near the bar where they prepare the food, we saw how they were doing all the plates , which is very interesting. On my next visit I’ll ask “La Pecera” because it’s preparation is pure art.


Phone: +34 916.22.59.15
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday 12:00 to 2:00 hrs. and Sunday 12:00 to 16:00 hrs.
Average price: 25-30€.
Address: Santa Teresa, 2, Madrid.


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