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Banzai Sushi. Gyozas, sushi y muuuuch more in Malasaña.

Food delivery is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit 😉 . But what is certain is that sometimes I don’t want to cook having the order from your favorite restaurant at home is good.
Last Sunday was exactly what happened to me. After a Saturday night of movie and dinner (on a new site in Cardenal Cisneros very “chido”) I got up late and the last thing I had in mind cooking.

Banzai Sushi. Gyozas, sushi y muuucho más en Malasaña.
Interior del local de Malasaña. Foto de

I turned to Resto- in, takes your favourite restaurant food to you quickly. A delivery bike with the name of the deliveryman, which let you know where’s your eat with the app map.

Banzai Sushi. Gyozas, sushi y muuucho más en Malasaña.
Que no falten las gyozas. Foto de

My choice was a bit of sushi, so I chose Banzai Sushi. The gyozas is a dish I always order. Typical oriental dumplings, but instead of fried (like Spanish ones) are made grilled. After this starter, my personal selection: Salmon sashimi, Butter fish sashimi, Dragon roll, Rainbow and Butter fish Niguiri with truffle.

Banzai Sushi. Gyozas, sushi y muuucho más en Malasaña.
Mi selección personal. Foto de

As you see, the same thing happens with the gyozas happens with the butterfish, I always want to eat that. It’s not very common in Spain and is usually of average quality, but I have to say that Banzai Sushi stands out above the rest. Also a detail : ginger is very good, does not tastes like “soap” , and the wasabi is really itchy. Anyway, Banzai Sushi has entered through the front door to swell my little list of Japanese restaurants. Next time I’ll order other dishes of the menu to see what else offered, promised!

Banzai Sushi
Phone: +34 915.21.70.81
Schedule: Monday from 21:00 to 0:30. Tuesday to Sunday from 14:00 to 16:30 and from 21:00 to 0:30 hrs.
Average Price: 30-35€.
Address: Espíritu Santo, 16, Madrid.

Banzai Sushi on our map

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