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BiCocina Organic. Macrobiotic restaurant in Chamberí.

UPDATE: it’s closed.

The first thing to do to be healthy is eating well. That’s what we have always heard from our grandmothers. One thing is you have to eat more fruit (which is true ), less precooked (also true) or eating more balanced and healthy (very very very true); but… Did you ever think you eat a lot happened and you’re still hungry? Do you have indigestion? Do you get pimples on the face intermittently and don’t know why?

BiCocina Organic. Restaurante macrobiótico en Chamberí.
Come sano y natural. Foto de

Bicocina takes the concept of healthy food to another level; and I ‘ll explain why. Its cuisine is organic , vegan and macrobiotic. Ecological because of good raw materials. It’s vegan, which means that no meat is served or derived from animals, such as eggs. And it’s governed by the laws of macrobiotics, which is a way of understanding food (and life in general) as a system in which there must be a balance between different types of food, including the Ying and Yang, the which leads to good health.

BiCocina Organic. Restaurante macrobiótico en Chamberí.
Multitud de cosas por hacer en BiCocina. Foto de

As you see, it isn’t as simple as “stop eating meat” or “I ‘m going to dinner always fruit”. It’s complex and a macrobiotic diet should be supervised by qualified professionals, that’s why Noelia and her partner are macrobiotic menus therapists. For health reasons Noelia decided to take a radical turn to her alimentation and her attitude towards life, and immersed himself in macrobiotics.

BiCocina Organic. Restaurante macrobiótico en Chamberí.
Crema de zanahoria. Foto de

And if you think this type of cuisine is boring, maybe you take a surprise. I’m meat lover but I’ll say I left happy after eating here. Its menu consists of an appetizer, a cream or soup and a main course with a lot of well-balanced ingredients. Of course no gluten, everything is homemade and the menu varies depending on the season in which we are. I ate a mini-burger of millet and tofu with avocado sauce, cream of onion and carrot with a touch of orange and the main course. This is a cluster of different ingredients that balance each other, so do not panic when I say I had cereal or whole grain for vegetable protein, fresh vegetables, some green, pickles, seeds, sprouts and algae. It is a little bit of everything so that everything is in harmony.

BiCocina Organic. Restaurante macrobiótico en Chamberí.
Plato combinado macrobiótico. Foto de

After visiting many restaurants in Madrid (the list is not short) is the first time I’ve eaten at a macrobiotic restaurant and I have to say I liked the experience. I don’t think I could do because macrobiotic would miss meat and sushi, but at least eat occasionally and detoxify the body somewhat healthily.

Bicocina Organic
Phone: +34 911.92.88.05_ 91 192 88 05
Schedule: Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 17:00. Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00 hrs.Thursday, Friday and Saturday from  20:30 to 0:00 hrs.
Average Price: ecomenu 12€, energetic menu 15€
Address: Alburquerque, 5, Madrid.

Biococina Organic on our map

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