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My trendy restaurants in Madrid of 2017.

Too soon to tell what’s in, and what’s not? Maybe, but my list of this year’s trendy restaurants in Madrid is growing week by week, and I can’t wait to tell you about the latest hotspots which are already getting the attention of Madrid’s trend setters so far this year. Keep an eye on the list, it’s forever expanding with the latest updates on trendy new spots.

I’ll tell you the truth: I’ve tried some of these restaurants and others are still on my hit list, but I have a good feeling that apart from their imposing interior, the trip to try the food will be well worth it. There are some that stand out as the newest, coolest restaurants in Madrid. Others because their high-quality dishes are slowly rising to the top of the list of places to go. But they all share on thing in common: they’re on everyone’s lips.

Interior de Peyote San. Foto de

Peyote San

One of my most recent discoveries, which surprised me a lot. It’s  position in the top 3 of “the-coolest-of-Madrid” made me skeptical of the very positive comments I heard. But they turned out to be totally founded. This is a trendy place, with super pro staff and also a menu practically invented by them from scratch. Japanese delicacy and the forceful Aztec are perfectly joined by food. Read the post and be left wanting more of the “beef rib in teriyaki with fried yucca”.

Comida de chicas en Dos Cielos. Foto de

Dos Cielos

It’s unforgivable that I haven’t yet told you about the new restaurant of the Torres brothers in Madrid (yep, the twin cooks from TV) because it’s a little secret for the gourmet fans of the capital. I’m not going to lie to you, it tasting menu is 75€, but according to my criteria it’s well-worth what it costs. They convert dishes of the Mediterranean tradition into authentic works of art using the freshest products. If you try its “first blossom of peas with Iberian ham” you won’t see these little green gems again with the same eyes.

Restaurante Somos en la plaza de España. Foto de

Somos Garra 

Two names for two spaces united by one concept: knowing how to enjoy something good on a large scale without losing the elegance. Somos is the restaurant where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Plaza de España and Gran Vía, with luxury deco and a first class menu. Garra is the cocktail bar worthy of the best bon vivants on weekends and the know-how of the cocktail maker Ramón Jiménez (you know, one of those guys who can prepare a combo depending on the mood you’re in).

Interior de Habanera.


You’ll have seen the ferns of its interior in multitude of photos of Madrid’s party girls holding their drink, but it’s much more than a the posing place of   Madrid. I had a snack there and I can assure you that you can eat more than well. This fact, accompanied by the great decoration and the big party every night results in nobody knowing when they’re going to leave.

Interior de BIBO Madrid. Foto de

BIBO Madrid 

Much has already been said of BIBO Madrid, but I want to put my oar in here … did you know that there’s a private room accessed through the kitchen? And I assure you that you can try dishes from a chef with 2 Michelin stars for less than you think. No, It isn’t cheap, but it’s well-worth trying their “fried bass”, halfway between the Andalusian “adobo” and the Japanese “ikezukuri”. Not to mention that BIBO Madrid is one of the most beautiful and unique restaurants in the city, reinterpreting the famous Malaga Fair.

Mesa de Pointer con vistas a la plaza de Colón.


The secret of those who know good food without giving up an elegant atmosphere and spectacular views of the Plaza de Colón in Madrid. Discovering the entrance to the restaurant somewhat of a little secret, but you’ll arrive at a temple of Mediterranean cuisine with international touches. My favorite dish? The “tuna loin with guacamole” and for dessert its “Nutella chilli stuffed with Oreo cream”. Its space on the ground floor with round tables is also great,  especially if you want to continue the party after dining.

Mesas de madera para compartir de Fismuler. Foto de


I know, I’ve already told you about Fismuler but I can not end this list without including this restaurant. Without being a kitchen totally different from the rest, its dishes are a win-win. There are combinations of few ingredients of great quality, enhancing the flavor of each, as in the case of its chickpeas. It’s usually full, but if you get a seat at its wooden communal table like I did, you’ll love it, and it’s always a good opportunity to meet new people 🙂

Mural del restaurante Zaperoco.


You’ve probably already noticed, but one of the gastronomic tendencies of 2017 in Madrid is the tropical cuisine fused with Mediterranean influences, Arab ones or even Japanese, as Zaperoco. Just look at the logo of the restaurant: a toucan with a kimono, which is a statement in itself. But it isn’t another wannabe place: it’s still not well known in RRSS, but the reviews on the web make me green with envy, besides having a great price-quality ratio in the neighborhood of Salamanca.

Interior de Garaje Grill.

Garaje Grill

Photos of the dishes here are pure food porn: pulled pork or burgers, but its best dish: “ribs simmered in a Hickory firewood oven”. You have three options: “El Garaje ribs” (with barbecue sauce and fresh cabbage salad), “Asian ribs” (with soy sauce) or “costillas bravas” (with spicy sauce and sweet sweet potato purée). Try them all, because I could not decide … Are you in? Its Spanish ingredients with elaborate North American cuisine will be a hit!


Although some places are very cool, that’s not synonymous of good cuisine, I’ve sometimes had bad experiences and surely the same thing has happened to you too. But of course, a place in the center of Madrid and good deco where you can also eat wonderfully is not something as common as many believe. But hey, that’s why you read Madrid Cool Blog, right? :-). And you know, you can always see many more fantastic restaurants in Madrid right here.

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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