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My guide of terraces in Madrid of 2017.

Did you think that with my list of terraces top of Madrid I already told you all my secrets? I always keep an ace up my sleeve, and in this particular case, twelve ones. My guide of terraces in Madrid of 2017 is formed by new incorporations that have opened this year and by great classics. They all have one thing in common: if you’re a bon vivant, you’ll love it.


From select Iranian caviar to the “tortilla de patatas” more castiza, from rooftops full of beautiful people to places in which the owner greets you with a “Hi buddy”. In my guide of terraces in Madrid of 2017 there’s for everyone, because we like to enjoy the life all out. Let’s begin!



Terraza Sunset Lookers. Foto de

Sunset Lookers at Hotel Madrid Santo Domingo

A luxurious place to watch the sunset with the famous sign of Schweppes in the background and the Madrid de los Austrias, from 20:00 to 2:00 h. Before that time the roof is only open for hotel guests, the ones who can take a bath in the pool of the rooftop. Therefore, the freshness that gives the water at night along with a tropical cocktail and the views make it a very top proposal.

Restaurante Radio del Hotel ME Madrid. Foto de

Terrace of Radio restaurant at Hotel MEMadrid

Rooftop dining with the old town of Madrid at your feet. ME Madrid Hotel is a place to be of the bon vivants of the capital, right in the Plaza de Santa Ana. Tropical and cosmopolitan deco and Mediterranean cuisine with more of a Nikkei surprise, all with live showcookings and expert cocktailmakers delight the most demanding people. In addition, there’s live music in one of the most exclusive ambients of the capital. Very good option to give you what you deserve.

Terraza de Ático 11 del Hotel Iberostar Las Letras. Foto de

Ático 11 at Hotel Iberostar Las Letras

A small space known by a few, although its chill out vibe at the edge of the sea will get many visitors. One of my #MCBtips to enjoy the summer in Madrid, especially for the afterwork. They have a wide offer of tapas to take with a XXL cocktail and also live or DJ music. If you can not go to the beach, let the beach come to you.

Patio Magnum del Hotel Villa Magna. Foto de

Patio Magnum at Hotel Villa Magna

Long time ago I lost the shame when I went to Madrid hotels to discover their secrets. You should also do it, because this way you would enjoy places like Patio Magnum at Hotel Villa Magna. A fresh and elegant terrace where you can taste the exquisite proposals of Il Riccio, an Italian restaurant with a Michelin star. If you can not go to Capri, at least you can try their food.



Azotea de El Viajero. Foto de

El Viajero

El Viajero is an open secret throughout the whole year in Madrid. Its location is privileged, next to the Mercado de la Cebada in La Latina, close to Rastro de Madrid. I prefer to go when the sun begins to fall to have a drink, they’re not cheap but it’s an experience. Its decoration is vintage before the word was invented and I love.

Terraza de La Tita Rivera. Foto

La Tita Rivera

Here’s a #chivatazoMCB: you can have a brunch on a quiet and pleasant terrace in the heart of Chueca. No, I’m not crazy. It’s perfect for all those who are staying in the area or those who want to start with energies an intense day of shopping. It has vegetation that always brings a bit of freshness to the ambient and there’s always good vibes without strings. I always choose salmon bagel to accompany the salad, pastries, coffee, and juice. I always repeat, but I love it!

Terraza Gymage. Foto de


A few steps from the Gran Vía in Madrid, it’s on the top floor of the Gymage Lounge Resort. There everything is thought to take care of oneself: eco shop, gym, hotel, restaurant … and its terrace with swimming pool open to the public. Do you look at the restaurant menu by counting calories? Relax with its salads, light specialties and a special section for diets. But do not forgive a good cocktail …

Terraza de la Casa de Granada. Foto de

Casa de Granada

Until recently it was only known by the most experienced terrace lovers of Madrid. The reason is easy: you have to call a door phone to open and climb in a rickety elevator to the 6th floor. You go directly to the dining room, but go on and get a seat on its terrace. The roofs of the houses of Lavapies and Tirso de Molina Square will witness of “chopitos”, “fritura variada”, “croquetas”… And surely one of their famous “panderetas”.

Terraza de Florida Retiro.

Florida Retiro 

Lauren Bacall, Sofía Loren, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Lola Flores … You can also join this list since the end of 2016 when Florida Retiro, one of the most top party halls in Spain, reopen. All of this inside the Parque del Retiro in Madrid. Of course, in the summer the menu has a cold menu of “tartare”, “ceviche”, “sashimi” and “sushi”. With champagnes and sakes to bid farewell to the sun every sunset.



Terraza interior de NuBel. Foto de


NuBel at Museo Reina Sofía

The interior space of NuBel is so large that I include it as a terrace. Just below the auditorium of the Museo Reina Sofía, there are more than 1,000 square meters to colonize. I have gone to enjoy the cocktails of Joel Jamal, several times Spanish champion bartender. Only €10 will separate you from trying your creations in such a sophisticated and elegant place. Of course, they organize an “After Brunch Parties” on Sundays so you better will reserve forces for the last day of the week.

Terraza de Cien Llaves. Foto de

Casa América

Hidden within the vegetation of the courtyard of Casa America is Cien Llaves restaurant, with delicacies “Iberian pork bacon tacos with kimchi or marrow” or “caviar with creamy potato and male banana chips”. Are you looking to take Iranian caviar on a terrace in the center of Madrid? This is your place. I know it isn’t a place suitable for all pockets, but maybe for a special occasion ….

Café del Jardín. Foto de

Café del Jardín del Museo del Romanticismo 

I have already spoken to you several times about this little oasis in Malasaña. But I just can not stand it. With the heat at Madrid downtown in summer, its cool garden is a benefit. Do you want your last conquest to become something else? This is the perfect place for those talks plagued by confidences surrounded by a romantic, vintange and Parisian atmosphere.

Café Bistró del Institut Française. Foto de

Café-Bistró at Institut Français

No need to know French. In fact, I have no idea of the language of our northern neighbors. It’s something that is not an impediment to eating French delights in a relaxed atmosphere with no traffic. At its menu there’re both “duck magret to the pepper of Sechuan” like “quiches” and “pies”. And of course “french fries”. I have not tried their croissants, but surely they’re a good excuse to fraternize with our northern neighbors.

Terraza del Mercado de Barceló. Foto de

Terraza Forus Barceló at Mercado de Barceló

Imagine it’s a day of terrible heat and you have been walking a long way by the area of Alonso Martínez and of shopping for the best stores of Madrid, that many are in the zone of the Salesas. Visualize taking a bowl of fresh fruit with smoothies or frappés, lying in a puff in the shade and watching the rooftops of the neighborhood and the sky of Madrid. You do not need to sigh up to the gym where the terrace is. Of course, it’s a great incentive to lead a healthier life in Madrid.

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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