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Poke Bowl in Madrid, the new and trendy Hawaiian recipe.

Do you remember when you found out that baos had become fashionable and you were the last to become aware? Well, do not let it happen again. Point out where to eat poke bowl in Madrid, the new and healthy recipe for the summer. I’ll give you the directions to try the new object of desire in Madrid. The approach of the poke bowl is very simple. It consists of a bowl with a rice base, vegetables and raw fish seasoned with spices. These few ingredients generate infinite recipes.

Interior de Aloha Poké. Foto de

Aloha Poké 

Three young people from Madrid discovered the poke bowl at a Hawaiian restaurant on Sunset Boulevard (Los Angeles). On their return to Madrid they didn’t find any place that had it, so they set up their own restaurant. As they say, “It’s like a lot of sushi, but in a bowl.” And in Aloha Poké you will not be bored because you can choose your own combination in 4 steps: base, protein, sauce and topping. The most varied offer of poke bowl in Madrid.

Poké de Ceviche Bar. Foto de Ceviche Bar.

Ceviche Bar 

It’s one of the stalls of the Mercado de San Ildefonso that is getting more fame lately. In its fusion between the traditional Peruvian cuisine and that of other countries of the Pacific couldn’t miss the Hawaiian version. If you are looking for a healthy and complete meal, just stuff this marinated fish, rice and vegetable salad. Of fish you can choose between tuna or salmon, and as a novelty in Madrid, you also have tofu as a vegetarian option for your “poke bowl”.

Fachada de El Loco Antonelli. Foto de La Chispería de Chamberí.

Taberna del Loco Antonelli en La Chispería 

Correct, in the area of Ponzano you can also eat a “poke bowl”. But you have to work it out a bit, I’ll explain. It is inside La Chispería, the foodie area that has been created within the Chamberí Market. Here you can try one of its street versions of the poké: tuna, pickled chives, seaweed and spicy Hawaiian style. And as they are “twinned” with all the port cuisines of the world, you can also find “hake cocoyx with calli sauce” or “canarian style octopus”.

Poké de Buns and Bones. Foto de

Buns & Bones 

For now they have a single plate of “poke bowl”, but it is petando so much that they are expanding the options. For now they have a version of marinated tuna style dragon, rice, red cabbage, red onion, avocado, and ito togarashi. Notice that it bites a little, but if you take one of your bowls with a cool beer, it is one of the most healthy ways to face the summer in Madrid.

Bol de poké de La Pagoda. Foto de

La Pagoda 

Eva Chen, the owner of The Pagoda, tried the “poke bowl” when she lived in California. And he was very clear that when he set up his Pan-Asian restaurant in Madrid, the “poke bowl” was going to be in the letter yes or yes. This favorite dish of many West Coast surfers carries from the beginning of the restaurant on the menu. But when I went I did not try it. I’ll have to make another visit, because if he’s as good as his “fake broken eggs” or his “Korean takos,” they’ll have me there quite often.


It’s a short list, but you’ll see how little by little it’s going to increase. With the heat you do in the city, the desire to eat fresh in Madrid and lead a healthier life, many others will point to the trend. And there I will be to pop the new “poke bowl” and scare it before anyone else!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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