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Food markets in Madrid you have to visit.

Eating and drinking is something that both locals and foreigners love. Everyone should go through one of the food markets in Madrid. It ‘s true there’re some snobs or posh, but there’re others which keep all their castizo essence.

Encurtidos del Mercado de San Miguel. Foto de

Mercado de San Miguel

One of the pioneers ones, with more tourists per square meter and more gourmet products from the food markets in Madrid. In this one,  there’re none of the stalls that were before. Of course, the quality of its proposal is indisputable. It may not be the most ideal place to know the authentic Madrid cuisine, but its stalls are a pleasure.

My favorite stall? It isn’t the most glamorous or the one that has the most expensive products. No oysters, no caviar, no Iberian ham … It’s a pickles place, with a multitude of possible combinations, but what I like most is the “Gilda”, a true Madrid picke. Olive, chilli, anchovy … there’re many combinations. And yes, its name is in honor of Rita Hayworth.

Interior de la planta alta. Foto de

Mercado de San Ildefonso

It’s a place created from scratch, an entire building in Fuencarral Street for tapas and partying. It isn’t a bad plan to eating in the area, especially if you don’t want to lose a leg. In addition there’re multitude of types of food, which is practically a covered street food market.

Best of all, apart from its food proposals, there’re also two terraces and a cocktail bar on the top floor. One of the new food markets in Madrid that already is a classic.

Entrada del Mercado de San Antón. Foto de

Mercado de San Antón

In the middle of Chueca neighborhood, its approach is very simple. Be one of the coolest (and especially bigger and clearer) spaces in the hood. Among all the food markets in Madrid is one of the most snobbish one. But also very top.

There’re food places to go and to eat right there. Take a little whim, go up to the second floor and savor a couple of fresh oysters. Or taste a little of its wonderful caviar. Yes, it’s a bit exclusive, but they do some epic parties.

Marco trabajando en Kint del Mercado de Vallehermoso.

Mercado de Vallehermoso

The new food market in Madrid is this. Where more new stalls open and with more innovative proposals, such as gluten free afterwork. Any stall can surprise. Examples? The spicy cuisine of Kitchen 154, Washoku and its Japanese cuisine without complexes, the gluten-free creativity of Kint, the f#cheeselovers fantasy of Rocklette …

It has entered the route of food markets in Madrid through the main gate. One of the place to be of the young people of the neighborhood to drink vermouth. Or eating. Or partying. There’s also a great good vibe among all those who are there, and it’s contagious. If you don’t believe me, stop by one day and tell me. You get out of there with a smile.

Fachada del Mercado de Antón Martín. Foto de Alfonso Ondarroa

Mercado de Antón Martín 

If what you are looking for is mixing with the more alternative youth of Madrid, and with their 80 years old grandparents, go here. It has been one of the best ways to return to value a degraded area, and done with style, becoming one of the best food markets oinMadrid par excellence.

The first Buns & Bones opened here. Yokaloka started here with its little stall. Botanique renews the concepts of vegan cuisine in each new season. Do I follow? My last recommendation: Cutzamala, the Mexican restaurant of Mexican people.

Entrada del Mercado de la Cebada. Foto de

Mercado de la Cebada

Its closing has been very close a lot of times. With the water around the neck by the pressure of real estate groups. But there it goes. A huge space with a lot of spaces for small traders who are gradually implementing new businesses such as watchmaking or vintage fashion stores.

Open since 1875, with its recent and very colorful remodeling, it still has a lot of history. It’s a matter of time that all the La Latina partying cross its doors. An expression of the neighborhood power, along with the adjoining Plaza de la Cebada, which has revolutionized the neighborhood.

Fiesta en La Chispería. Foto de

Mercado de Chamberí 

One of the most unnoticed until recently. Its proximity to Ponzano area makes more and more people prefer Mercado de Chamberí to eat on a table. Much less fuss and more elaborated and varied gastronomic proposals; includes ceviches, baos, poke bowls …

This old supplies market has been reinvented, maintaining the area of stalls like butchers or fruit shops and another area of food stalls. My favorites are Lambuzo and El Loco Antonelli, which its coastal kitchen marvels at everyone. And once in a while they set up some big parties, like the one in the photo.

Puestos del Mercado de los Mostenses.

Mercado de los Mostenses

Possibly the most shabby and cultural mix of all Madrid. Behind Gran Vía, it’s one of the favorite food markets of all Latin Americans or Asians to find products from their places of origin. This fact causes that for those who are Spanish everything is a gastronomic discovery.

Neither gourmet, nor preppy, nor posh. It worth to go there if you are looking for rare ingredients of your recipe books. Of course, you probably don’t know half the species or animals they sell there. Among the food markets in Madrid, the most exotic with almost 90 stalls.


Visiting food markets in Madrid is not only for tourists. In fact, some of the most authentic sites frequented by “bon vivant castizos” are in markets. Places without snobbish, with good vibes and a lot of options in each market. Some of the most groundbreaking proposals begin in a small place.

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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