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American restaurants in Madrid. The best yankee cooking of the city.

American cooking is much more than burgers, hot dogs and chips. Hey, a good burger like Five Guys ones makes the day brighter. But today I want to talk about that other American gastronomy. The one that is simmered for hours. From which they makes the most of his fantastic raw materials.

Interior de Jimbo. Foto de


This is Texas BBQ in Madrid. And I do not say it. It’s very likely that if you go there you’ll find a “made in the USA” group devouring their trays of smoked meat. Of course, it also helps the selection of 10 craft beers. Stop fighting for a gap in Ponzano and eat badly standing. Go up a little more up to Santa Engracia Street and do not be shy ordering your “meat tray”. You will rub the tooth to their four types of meat: “brisket”, “pulled pork”, “pork ribs” and “chicken thighs”. For dessert you ask for their “homemade donut ice cream” if you are hungry…

“Short ribs” de Midtown. Foto de


Pioneers of modern yankee food in Madrid. Opened by young Spaniards after working in Miami, tasting a lot of American food with a little Cuban touch. In its large and bright dining room, I recommend you try two of its specialties: “Cuban sandwich of roast beef” and “short ribs of Black Angus”. Do not hesitate to stick your hand to the sandwich, and with a very juicy sauce. The ribs are of beef cooked for 70 hours at low temperature, words are unnecessary…

Interior de Dingo. Foto de


If you are an inveterate carnivore, record this name: “Tomahawk”. Kilo and a half of beef cooked with charcoal. Yes, with a side of potatoes and green salad, lest you go hungry. But do not worry if you prefer fish, you also have options. Like the 300 gr of “king crab” brought from Alaska or the “lobster grilled”, a whole grilled lobster with butter. To make matters worse, they also have brunch :-).

Interior de Gumbo. Foto de


No, it’s not the most glamorous restaurant in town. But they embroider the mestizo flavor of New Orleans’ food, but a bit reduced in spice. Because cajun cuisine stings a lot! But just tell the owner, Matthew, that you want to live the experience of Creole cuisine, and he’ll give full rein to the most authentic. I get my mouth watering just thinking about their “fried green tomatoes”, their “Gumbo seafood soup” and their “soft shell crab”. But as you leave without trying their “peanut butter” you’ll regret it. Be sure to keep an eye on the suggestions on its board and book in time to sample the authentic Thanksgiving “turkey stuffed”.

Interior de Garaje Grill. Foto de

Garaje Grill

Shakes  are spectacular and photogenic, but also they’re a kick for the sweet tooth. Its owner Alejandra, who is Venezuelan, spent many vacations in Florida and noted the best southern cuisine. Its other great foodie hit are ribs, with 3 different types of preparations: “costillas asiáticas”, “costillas El Garaje” and “costillas bravas”. Of course, you can not ask them for you alone, they’re very big! I have already been to their other two venues, Café Murillo and Velázquez 17, and the good work of Alejandra and its training at Le Cordon Bleu is also noted.

“Breakfast chimichanga”. Foto de

Roll Madrid

I have special affection for this place because of its brunch lasts until 17:00 h. It has saved my life more than once. Their “salmon bagels” are very tasty, but their “chimichanga breakfast” with a nippy “mimosa” makes you forget the next day is Monday. Or its “french toast with raspberry sauce” … the truth is that I have tried almost all the options. You will come out pronouncing with a perfect yankee accent: “we love american food” without trace of the incipient hangover you had before entering this place at Amaniel Street.


I know there’re some more places, but I do not have first-hand information so I can not make a recommendation with a basis. Don’t you want to mess with elaborate food and your body asks for a burger? Read all the hamburgers in Madrid that I have eaten and choose. But if one day you are encouraged, you’ll be surprised by the american cooking of knife and fork. There’s much to discover!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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