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Where to have a good breakfast or vegetarian brunch in Madrid.

Being a vegetarian in Madrid doesn’t have to be a headache. Neither at breakfast time. And I don’t mean just asking for the typical “barrita de pan con tomate”. I’ll tell you my places to have a vegetarian brunch or breakfast in Madrid. Because if you thought there were no options, you’re very wrong.

I’m a big fan of breakfast out of the house. If we add good company, the plan is great. I imagine that your group of friends will be similar to mine, and there’ll also be someone vegetarian. Thanks to my vegetarian friends I have tried recommendations that become my favorites ones to have breakfast. That’s why I’m going to share with you all the places I know to eat a good vegetarian brunch in Madrid. Let’s start!

Brunch vegetariano de Roll Madrid. Foto de

Roll Madrid.

One of the first to bring the late breakfast to Madrid. And with “late” I mean that you can go until 17:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The meat options are delicious, but vegetarians are not far behind, with their “eggs benedict with avocado” or “vegetable breakfast burrito”. To have a complete experience of new american kitchen do not be stingy and round it with a “mimosa” or “bloodymary”.

Interior de Abonavida. Foto de


It’s vegetarian brunch is fantanstic for summer time because it’s pretty cool: fruit salad, stuffed croissant or toast, coffee or tea and drink. If you are going to take a walk by Gran Vía is perfect because it’s very close to Callao. It’s full of vegetation and have a small terrace. It’s also a space with a lot of social and cultural activities are organized on the ground floor, such as book presentations or yoga classes. Highly recommended especially for the area where it’s and for the quality of its raw materials.

Brunch de huevos con espinacas de El Huerto de Lucas. Foto de

El Huerto de Lucas.

In this spacious Chueca place they have vegan and vegetarian brunch. You can choose spinach dish with scrambled eggs or with pasta. You’ll also start the day surrounded by ecological and pesticide-free food stands, with a sale area of products in bulk. Even the beer is organic. It’s great because although it’s in one of the party-lonving neighborhoods of Madrid, it’s a very quiet place. Perfect to remove eye booger in a very cool way.

Interior de Rayén Vegano. Foto de

Rayén Vegano.

One of the most homemade breakfast in Madrid, but served only until 12:15 in the morning. I’ve lost it more than once to turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep. For 13.50€ you have coffee, juice, bread with jam, yogurt with cereals and fruit, a salty plate varied with couscous, tofu scrambled, guacamole and cake. It’s not too bad to be at Barrio de las Letras. Of course, the place is quite small and I recommend you book before you go. Their vegan brunch is a must for a good meal without animal products.

¡A elegir brunch de Pum Pum Cafe! Foto de

Pum Pum Café.

Long queues at its door. Since 1800 was a butchery and recently has reopened in an organic cafeteria with dough breads, fresh salads and cupcakes made in the day. And a very important point for a vegetarian breakfast or whatever, good coffee. Between the skills of the waiters and its Marzocco coffee maker, you have an awakening with good cream insured. All right, it has a little bit of posh, but there do things right. When you try their vegetarian brunch you forget everything else. Of course, it’s so close to Lavapiés square that you can finish your breakfast and start directly with vermouth

Cuenco de açaí de Bump Green. Foto de

Bump Green. 

In the Salamanca neighborhood are professionals in the art of enjoying weekend mornings, like vegetarian brunch. As main dishes, the “David Ariza’s tortilla sandwich” or the ” zucchini vegetable pie”. Combined with their vegan sherbets, totally a hotspot in Velázquez Street very close to Retiro Park. Slow food with elegance, because eating well is not at odds with being one of the neighborhood’s place to be.

Desayuno de Mür Café. Foto de

Mür Café.

In this charming tea room at Conde Duque corner Princesa Street you can also have a vegetarian brunch sitting on one of your chester sofas. There are 3 shifts, at 11:00, at 13:00 and at 15:00. Its version of Full English Breakfast has nothing to envy the original recipe: eggs, mushrooms, red pepper and grilled tomatoes, baked beans, roasted potatoes and toast. All plated up in a careful dish worthy of the British grandmother. Its coffees can open your eyes to the sleepyhead, but I recommend you taste some of its English teas. And if you like it, you can take it home.


Do you see how many sites are? I already told you that you would discover many new places where vegetarians and carnivores can enjoy alike. Because there’s life beyond the “benedictine eggs with salmon”. Call it brunch, late breakfast, lunch, meal with bakery … To recover from a long night of partying or to face a full weekend, ¡brunch!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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