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The most photographed walls in Madrid on Instagram.

For a few years, urban art has had a great boom in the city, and that has been transferred to social networks. For that reason, today I am going to tell you the most photographed walls of Madrid on Instagram. They are works of modern art that sometimes have an expiration date. Therefore, don’t trust that they will be necessarily still be there. I had to remove some of the sites that I knew from the list, so hurry up!

Fachada de la tienda Tom Pai. Foto de

Tienda Tom Pai (calle de La Palma 18)

Indeed, the turquoise wall with the most disturbing eyes of Malasaña belongs to this store. Cristina Pollesel created this mural for this small Basque clothing company “borroka chic” to give visibility to the business during Casa Decor. It was already famous before Dulceida took a photo here, but later it has become the official image of Malasaña. Whether you like it or not, what is certain is that it has character to spare and is one of the walls of Madrid on Instagram.

Fachada interior del Museo ABC. Foto de

Museo ABC (calle Amaniel 29)

It’s in the calle Amaniel of Conde Duque, the neighborhood “cooltureta” by antonomasia of Madrid. In the oldest Mahou brewery in the city. A few years ago it became the most interesting place for illustrators. Yes, the square that the architects Aranguren y Gallegos created is Instagram flesh and a popular site for press photo shoots. Especially when night starts to fall, they light it up and it’s time to make your book. After, to Roll Madrid to fill the stomach with food from new american kitchen.

Jardín vertical del Caixa Fórum Madrid. Foto de José Manuel Juan.

Caixa Fórum Madrid (paseo del Prado 36)

For 15 years, the “Triangle of Art” was another vertex thanks to La Caixa. It was a total approach since apart from creating a new space for art, it also recovered a degraded part for the city. The Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron reformed the old Central Electric del Mediodía (power station). They created a large covered square and the large vertical garden. A new green lung next to one of the most trafficked and photogenic roads.

Campo de la Cebada. Foto de

Campo de la Cebada (plaza de la Cebada 16)

For all those who think that the only thing there is in La Latina is the Rastro on Sundays. Some years ago an old municipal sports center was demolished, but the years passed without anything being built. So the people of the neighborhood took the initiative. There are plays, concerts, summer movies, sports… together with very colorful murals and graffiti. Now it’s the heart of the neighborhood, and if you follow it on Facebook you will not miss anything. One of Madrid’s most visited walls on Instagram.

Murales en la CSA Tabacalera de Chylo y Findac.

CSA Tabacalera (calle de Embajadores 53)

It started with very little support, sustained only by the residents of the area. But today this self-managed cultural center has grown, and a lot. If you like the alternative roll that Berlin had, or that Budepest currently has, go. Apart from the fact that there is practically no unpainted wall, its activities range from pressing catch shows to longboard workshops or video art festivals. Admission is free and you will be able to know the other cultural side of Madrid beyond the Art Triangle.

Fachada de TupperWare Club. Foto de

TupperWare Club (calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo 26)

Long before it became fashionable to make portraits on walls, the “Tupper” was already widely known for its facade, and of course for its parties. There are tourists and young people who take advantage of their facade with psychedelic touches, but it has been offering rock and fun for over 20 years now. A key place to get to know the party without complexes where they mix Naranjito ceramics, Star Trek figures… I can count on that there.

Esquina de Okuda en calle Embajadores 35.

Okuda San Miguel (calle Embajadores 35)

The same person creates an island shrimp several storeys high in a subway station as it attacks a corner of Embajadores. For this artist who already has international stature, Madrid is his second home. His style is very recognizable and has begun to be imitated, therefore enjoy your works before they end up in the museums. Its colorful way of injecting color to cities, especially in degraded areas, makes many begin to make a pilgrimage to see his murals.

Interior de La Pecera. Foto de Mikä Møka.

La Pecera (calle Velarde 2)

Your bet is winning: creamy ice creams in fish-shaped cakes. Apart from being one of the sensations of the summer of 2017, its interior of colored scales is one of the most photographed. Whether it’s with or without taiyaki, the girls of Mikä Møka have created the coolest ice cream parlor in the neighborhood. And probably in all of Madrid. But believe me, maybe as soon as you have a “chocolate taiyaki with matcha latte” in your hands… You may forget to take a photo of one of the top walls of Madrid on Instagram.

Pasaje de la Plaza de los Cubos. Foto de

Intervention Art to the Cube in the passage of the Plaza de los Cubos.

Madrid Street Art Proyect just finished the curating of this intervention in the passage of the Plaza de los Cubos. If you’ve ever been there, I’m sure you remember very well how shabby and soulless it was. Well, now it’s one of the coolest urban art areas in Madrid. Each of the ten artists who have participated have left their mark, filling this degraded step with life. Now it will surely become one of the favorite walls of Instagram in Madrid by the #streetarthunters.


Does this list seem short? Enter the urban art guide by eStudio34 that has more than 40 artists and a very cool map. Or you can also follow Andrés Moreno, who is an expert in the most colorful Instagram backgrounds. As you can see there are a lot of options to get to know the street art in Madrid, and not everything is in the museums!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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