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The winter terraces in Madrid to enjoy the city.

Little by little the cold is coming to the city, but that does not mean you have to resign yourself to being indoors. The winter terraces in Madrid are a great choice. Whether they are covered, with stoves, with soft blankets … These are my ideas to enjoy in the open air a good meal or drinks with the best options of the city.


Terraza de invierno del Room Mate Óscar. Foto de

Room Mate Óscar

Its more than 30 cocktails and 360º views of the city justify being in this top of winter terraces in Madrid. It’s very famous because of is a great option with relaxation mode thanks to its Balinese beds. It’s not cheap, but the exquisite attention of its staff, who even make cocktails for diabetics, its sunset and its atmosphere are worth it. Of course there’s a bit of posing and few of Madrid’s jet set; but if you go, you’ll know why it’s one of their favorite downtown places.


Terraza cubierta de Doña Tecla. Foto de

Doña Tecla

Those who think that you can only party in this city by Ponzano or Huertas are very wrong. Proof of this is Doña Tecla at Costa Fleming. Both in summer and winter, when they cover the area with a tarp, it is one of the most lively winter terraces in Madrid. When I went to dinner I ate good rations to share in a boho chic environment. But I warn you, when the “croquetas” and the “tartar” give way to the drinks, a good party is mounted.


Terraza de Saporem. Foto de


In the heart of the Las Letras district, at Calle Ventura de la Vega. There’s this amazing space with rock, blues or country live music, thought to have fun. It’s menu is designed to share international dishes to enjoy with its “sangria of cava and strawberries”. It has a retractable roof in case it gets raining, so it’s impossible for bad weather to bother you at night.


Terraza de invierno de Pipa and Co. Foto de

Pipa And Co

One of the most cozy places in the area of the Paseo de La Habana. What started as a small place for informal food and drinks was the germ of what’s today the Larrumba conglomerate. Then they laid the foundation of their style: international cuisine with market products that combines with an afterwork full of beautiful people. It has been a few years since the opening of one of the top winter terraces in Madrid, but their pizzas and cheese cake are still rocking it.


Fachada de Duck And Sushi. Foto de

Duck & Sushi 

Who has said that Asian cuisine can not also be eaten on the terrace? In this restaurant near the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium there is a careful selection of Southeast Asian dishes with their own hits like their “fake broken eggs” (“falsos huevos rotos”) or their “shiitake mushroom casserole”. Every corner of this place is a great background for your Instagram photos, but I’m telling you that you’re going to be so comfortable and eat so well that you’ll probably forget to upload the experience to your social networks.


Terraza de El Paracaidista de noche. Foto de

El Paracaidista

In the heart of Malasaña, if you know well where to look for, you can find the best winter terraces in Madrid. This one is located on the 4th floor of El Paracaidista, one of the city’s most varied and chic concept stores. The winter sun heats up its roof to replenish forces of a tough shopping session. And its light and international cuisine is paired with a couple of beers or a cocktail. And of course, you’ll take the opportunity to go there, right?


Terraza de Perrachica. Foto de


It’s true that inside sofas are very quoted, and it’s very difficult to get up when you get good seat. But there’re also smokers and non-smokers who know that their terrace is one of the best places to “chamberilear”. It’s covered and protected, so it may rain or snow, you could go there. Decorated with the same good taste as the interior, it’s one of the coolest winter terraces in Madrid for the cold months.


Una de las terrazas del Mercado de San Ildefonso. Foto de

Mercado de San Ildefonso

It’s a must to eat lightly by Fuencarral while you’re shopping. It has two floors full of food stalls: “paella”, “croquetas”, “pizza” … everything you can think of. Of course, in your little covered green corner you will eat great. There’s always a good atmosphere but it isn’t overcrowded, and its great variety of meals, with vegetarian and gluten-free options included, makes each time it gain more fans.


Terraza de Fellina. Foto de


If you think it’s almost impossible mission to find a warm terrace with style in Almagro, error. This is the one of the winter terraces in Madrid you can eat good Italian cuisine and drink even better. Of course, do not go too high ordering because the portions seem to make them an Italian mamma. And you have to leave a space for dessert. In fact, I just invented a new concept: the “Italian snack”. A latte with a “fogottino alla Nutella” or “torta della Nonna” and the winter will be hotter.


Terraza en una corrala de La Antoñita. Foto de

La Antoñita

Yes, at Cava Baja there’re also terraces. In addition, in the most castizo environments: an old corrala of the nineteenth century. But do not be scared, it is not packed with tourists arriving with a group tour. Of course, as the fame of their “tiger croquettes” (“croquetas tigre”) will continue to spread, they will have to expand the business. It’s ideal for informal dining, but you don’t have to be eating rations in one of the crowded bars in the area.


Terraza de Taxi a Manhattan de noche. Foto de

Taxi a Manhattan

Young people who works at AZCA have their favorite places to take something to the exit of a working day. I have gradually learned about some and I have been telling you, as is the case of this little piece of NYC next to the Castellana. Throughout the year has a large outdoor area, and also in winter another fully glazed. There you can hydrate yourself and if you have a big hole in the stomach, I recommend your “Mac & Cheese”.


Is it a hot and sunny day? Write down one of the almost 30 terraces that I have compiled for you in 2016 and 2017. Is it starting to be nippy days? No problem; these 10 winter terraces in Madrid are sure to witness very good times with your partner, your friends or your fellows. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and find out all my new discoveries!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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