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My list for the top terraces in Madrid of 2016.

I’m from a city in northern Spain with two two months of summer. When I came to Madrid I bought fresh clothes, sunglasses and I got out to the unknown. Here the good weather lasts from late April to early October in Madrid is known to enjoy the street. Foreigners knows about the good weather and come to live outdoors all they can; even when we still dress coats, they already go in flip flops and shorts. Listen to me; do not stay at home and choose, because there’re terraces for every occasion.


Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza del Dear Hotel. Foto de

Terraza del Dear Hotel
It’s a little secret unknown, and thanks to this you’ll probably will find no tails. Cross unashamedly Dear Hotel lobby and go to the elevator. You can choose to have dinner on the terrace of the restaurant or , as I did, go straight up to the roof, get one of the sofas there, ask for a coctail and enjoy the panoramic views stretching from Plaza de Spain to Malasaña.

Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
El Jardín de Orfila. Foto de

El Jardín de Orfila
It’s like a Central Europe health resort, it couldn’t be more bucolic with fountain included to cool the place. The terrace of 5 stars Orfila hotel is quite and elegant. Don’t expect cheap prices, but for a special occasion is a lovely place. With letter for celiacs and brunch on Sundays, he was awarded by TripAdvisor as the best hotel in Madrid and terrace contributed to this.

Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza de The Hat. Foto de

The Hat
The cool terrace for cosmopolitan people. At a modern hostel 5 minutes from San Miguel Market and the Plaza Mayor. At the reception café you can start having a drink waiting for your turn. When you see the party, you’ll ask for one of their great cocktails. It’s always very lively and one of the best terraces to start the night in style at the center of Madrid.

Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza de Vincci Vía 66. Foto de

Vincci Vía 66
Amid all theaters of the Gran Via this place it’s perfect for drink and snack with very comfortable seats. Not very expensive considering it’s surrounded by neoclassical domes and charming views. The elevator is amazing, but wait a minute to go up and see the city when the sun begins to fall, total relax.


Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza de Bosco de Lobos. Foto de

Terraza del Bosco de Lobos
One of the secrets of Hortaleza Street is the inner courtyard of the new COAM headquarters. With free access from the street, the restaurant Bosco de Lobos (very nice, by the way) has a terrace in a great and cool setting in summer, perfect for those dinners those continue with gin-tonics. Very good choice because Chueca is funny, but has very few good terraces.

Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza de Doña Tecla. Foto de

Doña Tecla
At Castellana you can also find cozy and quiet terraces, but you have to look for them. Young working people in offices also go out to dinner and a drink with friends. Doña Tecla is one of my favorites in this area and is already one of the coolest sites between Cuzco and Azca.

Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza de Taxi a Manhattan. Foto de

Taxi a Manhattan
They were among the first to bring the multi-space concept to Madrid, before others like Perrachica. The interior is vast and various and recreates iconic images of New York , including a grand piano, which of course it’s used 😉 . The outdoor terrace is large and shaded, and its daily menu almost unbeatable in the area. When leisure time arrives, the cocktails run and the fun begins.

Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza del restaurante Parq de El Paracaidista. Foto de

El Paracaidista
This concept store is much more than a place only to buying: also going to the movies, knowing its art gallery and having fun at their parties. As it has two of the most secret of Malasaña (for now) terraces: Cubanismo, with its old Caribbean style, and the other of Parq restaurant, so spacious and light-hearted that many work with his laptop, sunbathing or snack in the middle of an afternoon shopping…


Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza de La Casa Encendida. Foto de

Terraza de La Casa Encendida
They organize performances to Radio3 sessions and have set up a beach snack bar to enjoy Thursday to Sunday evenings with rations and cocktails. And if not, you can always go to eat half Zapatilla of Melo’s (or a whole one, like me :-D).

Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Tartan Roof. Foto de

Tartan Roof
It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most sought places to see Madrid from the heights. There are two options: go up to see the sights or take advantage of and enjoy a drink at its lounge or dining at Tartan Roof with Southeast Asian cuisine. You can after visit one of the exhibitions. Great plan.

Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza de Gau&Café. Foto de

Gau & Café
“Gaudeamus” has been renamed but maintains its great location and its bohemian air. In the “Escuelas Pías”, one of the headquarters of UNED in Madrid, it’s one of the most sought terraces for dining in Lavapies watching their roofs and “corralas”. It has no shade, so at dinner time is the more affluence moment. Y recommend you avoid surprises and booking to prove its menu with influences from around the Mediterranean.

*UPDATE*: Gau & Café has closed its terrace.

Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Terraza de Apartosuites Jardines Sabatini. Foto de

Jardines de Sabatini
I propose you a plan: a drink watching sunset looking at Almudena Cathedral. Interesting, isn’t it? This it is the right place. No need to be a hotel guest, but you must booking before. Tip: it has a collection of old cars at the basement; if you are fan of cars you’ll love it.


Mi lista de terrazas top de Madrid de 2016.
Casa Corona. Foto de

Casa Corona
It opened to the public yesterday and it’s destined to be one of the place-to-be this summer in Madrid with a beach bar from Wednesday to Sunday to make yourself at the beach with juices, cocktails and cold beer to accompany your brunch. Sign up for  workshops in Ceramics Illustration of Abe the Ape of DIY decoration of City Confidential taught in this corrala near Fuencarral Street.


El Andén. La terraza secreta de Príncipe Pío.
Descansando a la sombra. Foto de

El Andén
Hidden at Príncipe Pío Station , this urban terrace full of colorful thanks to Boamistura is the perfect place to have a cocktail after a walk at Madrid Río or before starting a good party in the nightlife scene . You can eat something casual at its tall tables but mostly caught one of their deck chairs and enjoy.

Luckily the good weather lasts several months, so you can cross off the list of some of the terraces I tell you. I’m so hooked on terraces I’ll update this list. Look out for my social networks!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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