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6 suggestions to eat Madrid gluten free.

Next May 27th is National Day of Celiac in Spain. I can not think of a better way to celebrate this day to share with you my (very secret ) list of gluten-free restaurants and cafes in Madrid to get out everyone, gluten intolerant or not.
Some time ago celiac disease was a bummer, because there were very few places you could feel comfortable and keep your “gluten free” diet out of home without being contaminated. But gradually there are more and more restaurants and coffee shops that take account of this intolerance, or directly provide a letter 100% gluten-free. And hey, non-celiac disease people can also go, huh? Almost certainly there is someone in your life that are gluten intolerant, so record any of these sites that I tell you and surprise your love, family member or friend with a dinner.

Mis 6 propuestas para comerte Madrid sin gluten.
Ramen sin gluten. Porque los celíacos también pueden comer comida japonesa.

Okashi Sanda
There are many dishes of Japanese cuisine without gluten, but the ramen is not exactly one of them. Until now. Okashi Sanda is the first Japanese suitable for gluten intolerants with a great ramen, spiced with many ingredients and for all audiences. And not only ramen: the whole letter is 100 % gluten free. They have a lot of not so famous dishes here, but very popular in Japan: Okonomiyaki (Japanese ” omelette “), Takoyaki ( octopus balls stuffed that crazy me at popular celebrations), Onigiris … and, of course, Sushi.

Mis 6 propuestas para comerte Madrid sin gluten.
Cupcakes sin gluten y más en Celicioso. Foto de

One of the pastry with the best cupcakes in Madrid is also fully suitable for gluten intolerant, although their candies are so good that many of his faithful followers have not yet even noticed. The name summarizes its philosophy: delicious dessert for people with celiac desease. They are specialized in cupcakes: Red Velvet, Lemon Lime, Choco Extravaganza… and lots of varieties. They have Roscón de Reyes at Christmas, so no one can slope off taste and pay if the bean it’s found.

Mis 6 propuestas para comerte Madrid sin gluten.
También se puede disfrutar de la comida italiana sin gluten en Emma y Julia.

Emma y Julia
One of the most longed types of food by allergic to gluten is Italian food. All masses are almost always made with wheat flour. Thus, Emma and Julia want that celiac disease won’t be a problem to enjoying a homemade pizza or pasta. They have a whole menu dedicated exclusively to celiac disease with a good selection: antipasti, pizzas, salads, pasta, desserts… you feel back to Rome without leaving Cava Baja Street.

Mis 6 propuestas para comerte Madrid sin gluten.
Opciones para celíacos en Wanda. Foto de

To entering into the summer through the front door, nothing better than this “optimistic coffee “, in which cool and tropical go hand in hand. There’s always a great atmosphere thanks to its music, its interior (with fluoride touches) and terrace. Usually full of young working people at the area of Maria de Molina and who has assiduously trapped by its color, its good vibes and healthy food. In its menu dishes suitable for gluten intolerant are marked as Tuna tartare or Burrata salad. So everyone in your group will be able to ask for what they want and eat without problems.

Mis 6 propuestas para comerte Madrid sin gluten.
Fast Good sin gluten en Magasand. Foto de

Surely you’ve heard of Magasand. They are specialized in healthy food and have a large space to take a look at fashion magazines at Salamanca neighborhood. Its health proposals could not ignore celiac desease, therefore, enough to choose the ingredients of the menu that you like and ask for gluten-free bread. So simple. I hope its example spreas out, because thanks to Magasand there’re also Fast Good for celiac intolerants.

Mis 6 propuestas para comerte Madrid sin gluten.
Sana Locura Bakery, el lugar de los celiacos golosos.

Sana Locura
This workshop of Salamanca district is the latest addition to the list of gluten-free bakeries. They have quiches, foccacias and pizzas, plus detox juices. Just opened this week, so soon I will schedule a visit to tell you my experience. I advance you the desserts look great. Also, if you know any celiac intolerant kid, aside from being able to go to eat all the candy, they can also participate in “Sana Locura Kids” workshops and learn how to cook without gluten.

As you can see there’re many options to go out and enjoy food without gluten, whether you are allergic or not. Fortunately, the recipes have improved greatly in recent years and is no longer a torture for celiac allergic. I am not intolerant by the moment, but the more we claim this type of cuisine, the easier it will get easy to them and I’m sure you knows somebody that will thank you. By the way, shares with all these signings!

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