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Cripeka. Coffee House with german desserts at Alonso Martínez.

After waiting a long time to know what was in the local side-street near Bocacalle and MEAT, finally the intrigue is resolved. You are curious , huh ? No wonder, me too, so I went, I saw and tried.

Cripeka. Cafetería con postres alemanes en Alonso Martínez.
Fachada. Foto de

It’s Cripeka, a cafe that has started with the strength and the illusion of two sisters. Margot, the daughter of one of them joined too and she herself told me that none had previously worked in the world of coffee, but with their commitment and desire to do things right, are beginning to be well known in the neighborhood.

Cripeka. Cafetería con postres alemanes en Alonso Martínez.
Mesas para todos los grupos. Foto de

In the area there are not many places that open early, so early-risings are lucky. They start at 8 in the morning so it’s perfect for a tasty breakfast before starting the day. It’s tiny and cozy with a very cool interior, with chairs and tables straight out of an old school and with touches of color on the walls.

Cripeka. Cafetería con postres alemanes en Alonso Martínez.
Sánwich González y zumo natural. Foto de

Deco helps, but certainly what makes you get on top ( and its main source of pride ) is the coffee. It’s made from the selection of coffee expert, so their mix is addictive and unique. It’s mild but flavorful, you can drink it without sugar or anything. It’s roasted daily so your cup has all its properties.

Cripeka. Cafetería con postres alemanes en Alonso Martínez.
Taburetes para merendar. Foto de

The pastry is handmade, inspired by the recipes of the great-grandmother of the family, of German origin. Modern recipes contributions for all tastes menu. Here you can find lemon tartlets, brownies, Gateau Basque or something with such a groovy name as the Reina de Saba. They also have savory snacks such as sandwiches with Spanish surname : Martinez, Gonzalez, Sanche and Mari salads: Mari Pepi, Mari Trini … If you like pure cocoa, also has a hole in its menu, along with fresh juices, a more appetizing and cool option for the summer.

Cripeka. Cafetería con postres alemanes en Alonso Martínez.
Bizcocho con receta de la abuela alemana. Foto de

Everything looks good, so I started eating the pineapple juice and celery and Gonzalez sandwich with curry bread and basil, and ended up with a lemon tartlet and coffee, included cream decoration. I’m not very fan of fruit juices, but the combination is great and freshly with all the vitamins. The food is very tasty and many get their take-away menu. I’ll return the weekend to taste the brunch , because I like everything!
They also offers free WiFi so it has already become the workplace of many; if I ever be in the area, I would probably stay too. You know, “all you need is coffee (and wifi)”; here you have both.

Cripeka. Cafetería con postres alemanes en Alonso Martínez.
Interior. Foto de

If you do not work or live nearby, do not worry; at Madrid Cool Blog we are very coffee lovers and have visited a lot of coffee shops. In this link you can see more places to enjoy your cup of coffee while you update your emails and social networks. Keep reading!

Phone: +34 911.99.91.08
Schedule: Tuesday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 hrs. Saturday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.
Average Price: coffee 1,6€, juices 2,2€, desserts 5€, salty pastries 5€, salads 8€
Address: Santa Teresa, 2, Madrid.


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