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Bio in the Bowl. Organic juices and take-away veggie food in Alonso Martínez.

Last year I red in the New York Times an article of the 12 most interesting streets of Europe. And there it was: Zurbano. If to the most stylish area of Chamberí you add a burst of vitamins enclosed in a jar and shake it well, you get Bio in the Bowl, one of my latest veggies discoveries.

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In summer we all become a little vegetarians; it will be because the hot items crave less. Or maybe, although we go curvies and say I-like-what-I-am, what we really want is to improve our figure for wear swim suit of last year and approach the edge of the pool breathing normal.

Whatever the case, take note of this place because it can be your salvation to eat quickly and well this summer.

BIO IN THE BOWL chocolate
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Like L.A. celebrity style, all its proposals are designed by a nutritionist so you won’t miss any vitamin. This isn’t a juice diet franchise. Not to drink three cans a day, or stop eating solid or anything like that. It’s justFrench-inspired recipes and proximity organic products looking for nutritional balance.

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The public is essentially feminine; working girls of Alonso Martinez who know all superfoods: algae as kale and kombu, chia, ginger, turmeric … and pasta (with no gluten) and salads. All dishes are served in glass jars so you can carry those where you want. When you have ten one’s you can redeem them for a bag of ecologic candy bars.

BIO IN THE BOWL raw bite
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It’s a great place to eat salads and light food without your stomach starting to roar midafternoon. Because healthy is compatible with sweet things, you can top off your meal with super healthy Chia pudding with pure cocoa or take a stick of Raw Bite to take midafternoon.

BIO IN THE BOWL detox plus
Detox Plus. Foto de

Juices keep all their vitamins because they’re cold-pressed, so you’ll get all the energy when you take it. As I approached midafternoon, what my body needed were liquids and vitamins, so I opted for the Detox plus. The combination was powerful: spinach, mint, fennel, apple and celery; a green-green juice that cleared me from the drowsiness that, at that point in the afternoon I had. Fresh from the refrigerator, also mitigated enough the heat I brought from the street. A completely win-win.

BIO IN THE BOWL mostrador
Mostrador. Foto de

If the vegan stuff doesn’t convince you and you like meat, Alonso Martínez is on fire. Without walking a lot, you can eat one of the best burgers in Madrid in MEAT, have a coffee with a German pie at Cripeka or dinner creative cuisine at Bocacalle.


Bio in the Bowl
Phone: +34 917.02.63.02
Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00 hrs.
Average price: juice 3,5€, salads and creams 4,5€, main courses 6,95€
Address: Zurbano, 15, Madrid.


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