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Living the Mediterranean Sea in Madrid.

It’s true, I have to admit it, there’s no beach in Madrid. However the entertainment capital par excellence has a lot of resources to recreate a day of sun and sea of the Mediterranean. Whether you count the days left to go on vacation as if those days have already passed and you remember them all the time, today I tell you all my tricks to transport you to your favorite beach of Mare Nostrum.

Argumosa, el paseo marítimo de Lavapiés. Foto de

First of all, we have promenade although we haven’t beach ;-) . Argumosa Street in Lavapiés, without going any further, is full of terraces to enjoy the cool evenings. In addition, during the festival of San Lorenzo in August the whole street is filled with the smell of fried sardines and you can even feel the sand under your feet.

Arroz de El Garbí. Foto de

If we talk about eating, in the capital we are fortunate to enjoy the creations of some of the best chefs of the Mediterranean coast bringing to Madrid the flavors that we like when we go on vacation. To taste a good paella nothing like El Garbi with its chef Vicent Alonso at the head of the restaurant. Casa Jorgeand its “Calçotada” menu will make you feel in Catalonia: bread with tomato and garlic, sausage, esqueixada, aubergines, spring onions and grilled Catalan sausage with cream. I’m so hungry! A glass of local wine is one of the best ways to travel to the Mediterranean Sea. If it’s on a terrace overlooking the sunset, even better. All are pluses when it comes to getting a good teleportation effect.

Terrazas para el atardecer. Foto de

You can also prepare the party at home. And like it’s said at TV ads, nothing more Mediterranean than sharing a hot night with your friends. I usually organize dinners and I didn’t miss the opportunity to gather my colleagues and toast for our holiday (which have already been or are to come). Prepare a nice table, pull out my best china and open a bottle of good catalonian wine, like Viña Esmeralda.

Another thing that can transport you to the Catalan coast are water sports. In the Mediterranean, you can enjoy small coves with no peope where the pine trees reach the beach, and in Madrid you can (almost)do the same on the beach of Pantano de San Juan. You can spend the day in the shade of pine trees, dive into the water or rent a jet ski. I have not yet dared but I make a note of them and I’ll try some day…

Playa del Pantano de San Juan. Foto de

In Madrid you can’t dive as in the Medes Islands, one of the marine reserves of flora and fauna most important of eastern Mediterranean, but you can start making your first steps with dips with a baptism of diving or get you the PADI. So when you’re in the Natural Park and see how everyone enjoys, you’ll sign up for a dive and enjoy both underwater or on land.

I don’t know if you know that diving gives a lot of hungry. I warn you. Sure you have your own tricks to live the Mediterranean in Madrid, I told you mine. Sure they make you your days in the capital more bearable. By the way, I have one thing to say: I need vacations!


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