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Propaganda 12 . The Italian winery of Chueca you fall in love with.

I have not felt this comfortable in a restaurant in a long time, really. Propaganda 12 is one of those restaurants where you leave with a full stomach and a big smile. And above it is a unique place to get to know the great variety of wines of the transalpine country. It has it all!

Entrada de Propaganda 12. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Chipped walls, cozy tables and a divine sofa. Not to mention the great bar that works just as well for having a vermouth as an area of operations for its Sunday brunch. And estilazo, a lot of estilazo. I warn you: the portions don’t overflow the plate, but that’s not necessary. Propaganda 12 aims to offer quality dishes with raw materials brought from Italy and fresh local produce. And everything is absolutely delicious.

It’s the perfect intimate restaurant for dinner on a date, but also one of the most popular on weekends thanks to its Champagne brunch. No kidding, the wait time to book a table is more than a month. Mattia, who’s one of the owners, jokes that it’s easy to fill Propaganda 12 because it has few tables, but that’s a lie. Chueca has a great atmosphere, but quality restaurants like his are  few.

Interior de Propaganda 12. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Its menu is short and very well structured: Italian tapas, cheeses, raws , dishes and desserts. It’s not necessary to ask for one of each, but it would be a shame because you will surely miss something delicious. What do you leave out? A plate of Italian sausages or melted Camembert? I asked for everything, and my eyes were so taken with such delicious recipes that I could not get to the dessert L

“Alcachofa confitada” de Propaganda 12. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Well, now I’ll start to tell you what I ate there. To open the mouth I had two of the Italian tapas: “artichoke confitada” and “pork & roll”. I must confess that I’m not very fond of artichoke, but with some flakes of Parmesan cheese I almost devoured it.

“Pork & roll” de Propaganda 12. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

“Pork & Roll” is what they call its plate of assorted sausages, but what sausages! As soon as you taste the authentic bolognese of Propaganda 12, you will forget those sandwiches you ate as a snack, and which had a very distant kinship. Ex-cel-lent.

“Camembert grillé” de Propaganda 12. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

The mixture of Italian and French influences is manifested especially in the cheese dishes, because there is everything from “burrata di Andria” to the option I chose: “Camembert grillé”. That warm melted cheese on a piece of toasted bread, and a little bit of tomato jam, is a delicacy.

I also tried “tuna tartare”, achieved through sustainable fishing, with black garlic mayonnaise. A hit of flavor with a spicy point and with real red tuna. It’s not cheap, but is of very good quality. That, when eating a dish where the raw material is vital, is fundamental and it shows a lot.

“Cappellacio relleno de bacalao” de Propaganda 12. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

My last dish was the pasta of the day, which in my case was “cappellacio stuffed with artisanal cod with tomato sauce with white wine, and spicy touch”. A very long name that is summed up in one word: terrific. What they say is spicy, is truly spicy, but you can’t stop eating it.

Vista general de Propaganda 12. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

And here we go. This time I could not eat dessert. I didn’t measure my strength well. But I think the sofa they have at the entrance is a great place for a good snack. Espresso and their Tiramisu made with the traditional recipe is the perfect plan for “plopping down” there J. I hope to soon  try its champagne brunch, but if you try it before me, I would love for you to tell me about it. And I will be very envious!

Translated by, the podcast about Madrid in English.


Propaganda 12
Phone: +34 910.56.70.03
Horario: Thuesday to Saturday 13:00 to 16:00 h and 20:00 to 0:00 h, Sunday 13:00 to 16:00 h.
Address: Libertad, 12, Madrid.


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