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The romantic restaurants in Madrid for a top notch Valentine’s Day.

Many are conquered by the stomach, so going to romantic restaurants in Madrid for Valentine’s Day is always a good idea. If you also take the opportunity to surprise with a special dinner, take a look at my #chivatazosMCB. It doesn’t need to be a cheesy and sappy site, but leave Melo’s for another time and choose a restaurant that’s sure to be a winner.

“Navajas con kimchi” del restaurante Rómola. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.


The latest place to be in the Salamanca neighborhood is already triumphing because it has everything. The place is spectacular and different from everything you’ve seen before, with its design signed by Andrés Jaque. It’s in a privileged location, next to the National Archaeological Museum and two steps from the heart of Madrid’s most elegant neighborhood. And regarding it’s food, it’s based on traditional cuisine but with a contemporary twist, such as it’s “glazed knives with kimchi”. One of the new romantic restaurants in Madrid with more class.

Interior de Somos Garra. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Somos Garra

Located in the new Barceló Torre hotel in Madrid, Somos Garra is one of the romantic restaurants in Madrid for experts on special occasions. It’s a restaurant with incredible views of the Gran Vía and also one of the most flowered cocktail bars in the city. The dishes of the restaurant have a Mediterranean essence and are made with the best raw materials, such as their “eel salad”. After eating, you can go down to the cocktail bar to have a cocktail and finish off a magical moment.

“Empanadilla de guiso de conejo” de Gofio. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.


This small restaurant hidden in the center of Madrid has the most avant-garde Canarian cuisine. Safe Cruz, who’s in charge of directing the kitchen of this modern place, will make the typical Canarian ingredients known. The dishes on their tasting menu are changing rapidly and you will never eat the same twice. “Dim Sum de potas” or the “rabbit stew dumpling in salmorejo” are just some of the dishes I tried, and you can read more in my post about Gofio. Romantic restaurants in Madrid don’t have to be pretty and fine with a bow on top. But special like this, yes.

Comedor del restaurante Fellina. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.


The perfect place to recreate the dinner of Lady and the Tramp. Their Italian recipes are delicious and authentic, and as an example, the “spaghetti alla carbonara originale”, completed at the table itself and of course without cream or bacon. Their “vitello tonnato “is worthy of a hat tip, and it’s” bruschetta di sarine e maracuja “is amazing. Bread, sardines and passion fruit taken together to a level I had never seen before. A drink in Anónimo Club is the perfect finish, sitting on one of its sofas with dim lights…

Surtido de platos del restaurante Baiyor. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.


This is one of the most authentic Thai restaurants in Madrid. I can tell you because I have eaten Thai dishes in Thailand and I have eaten in Baiyor, and it was hard for me to find the differences. They have “Pad Thai”, “Som Tam” and all the best known recipes, but let owners Moss and Benny advise you about the dishes on the menu. It’s not uncommon that there are Thais eating there, a detail that says a lot, I suppose because the spicy level of the dishes is like the original J. In their warm and quiet dining room you will be very comfortable, and if you feel like it later, you can go “burn” Malasaña.

Mesa del restaurante Fismuler. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.


If you and your partner are good eaters and you like the latest places, book now at Fismuler. It’s perfect when one of the couple wants avant-garde cuisine and the other traditional cuisine, because their “chickpeas sautéed with veal tendon, crayfish and watercress” will amaze both. And they will also make your mouth water with the smell of it’s cheesecake, so it’s essential to ask for dessert. It’s concept: Nordic style and reinterpreted Spanish food, healthy and flavored, it’s ideal for the foodies.

Últimos toques a los platos de Coque. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.


If you decide that money is no object and look for romantic restaurants in Madrid with a Michelin star, your choice has to be Coque. It just opened last year in the city and is on everyone’s lips. It’s credentials are 2 Michelin stars, 3 M from the Metropolis Guide and 3 Repsol Suns, but I went to eat there to get to know it first-hand. I tried their tasting menu and it’s true: it deserves all the praises. Not to mention that it’s eaten in four different spaces of the restaurant: cocktails, cellar, kitchen and living room. Quite an experience.


Now, the only thing you have to do is choose one of these romantic restaurants in Madrid and let everything flow. When you have a good dinner in a cool place you can be sure of, that’s a gift which is very good. And if you want add more detail you can also take a look at my selection of stores in Madrid. Now you have the complete plan!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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