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El Canadiense. The first Canadian-inspired restaurant in Madrid.

It just opened less than a month ago and its name is already running like wildfire. This is the first Canadian-inspired restaurant in Madrid, and brings a selection of typical dishes updated in a warm and homely atmosphere. El Canadiense will discover the tasty cuisine of Canada to foodies avid for novelties. I’ve already tried!

Barra de El Canadiense. Foto de

I know that you are a fan of exotic foods and know where you can eat the best baos or poke bowls in the city. But there’re not only surprising dishes in Southeast Asia or Peru. In this restaurant foodies will discover the new world of Canada flavors.

Interior con entrada de El Canadiense. Foto de

It’s the new member of the Fontaneda family, along with Bar Galleta, El Perro y La Galleta and Raro Rare. Everyone with its own personality, and El Canadiense was not going to be less. It combines a very good burger menu with typical Canadian dishes and great desserts for the snack.

Ventanal con reservado de El Canadiense. Foto de

The place has a homelike atmosphere that immediately makes you feel very comfortable. The use of wood and lights, as well as the calm that is breathed inside, make you relax at the moment of the madness of Carranza Street. A rustic and chic vibe that tries to recreate the idea of a Canadian wooden cabin. I can almost see a lot of snow through its large windows and the fire in the fireplace.

Alacena de El Canadiense. Foto de

I had never tasted Canadian cuisine, and I did not really know what I was going to find. I imagined filling and very winter meals. Of course, I did not expect that El Canadiense dishes, with their mixtures of flavors, would be so surprising.

The main thing in its menu are hamburgers, with 13 different options. But it’s not a mere cozy burger bar. I advise you to dive among its dishes, because there are typical hit from Canada. I went with all my senses very open and with enough appetite.

Poutine de El Canadiense. Foto de

I started my meal with two typical Canadian dishes as starters, which are quite strong. The first thing that arrived was the “Poutine”, a native of Quebec. Sweet potatoes, fresh cheese, bacon and smoked barbecue sauce. The mixture of sweet and salty I liked a lot, I recommend it especially as a dish to share in El Canadiense.

“Tourtiere” de El Canadiense. Foto de

Then came another specialty from North America, the “Tourtier”. It’s a veal pie, which is served a ration more than respectable. It comes with a salad to make the bite more juicy and the veal flavored with different herbs. Typical Christmas recipe in Quebec to withstand the cold temperatures.

Hamburguesa “Montañesa” de El Canadiense. Foto de

The main course was a hamburger, but with some special ingredients. The chosen one was the “Montañesa” hamburger, with red fruits and rhubarb. I have rarely eaten a sweet burger, and it seemed different and almost “refreshing”. The meat is wagyu and is the size of 200 gr. There is an option of 400 gr., But I do not even want to imagine how big it must be …

“Pecan Pie” de El Canadiense. Foto de

I finished the meal with a “Pecan Pie”. It isn’t sweet but it does fill up it tastes and potent. Believe me, the portion you see reaches perfectly for two people. Tasty and different, like a lot of food from El Canadiense.

Mesa para grupos de El Canadiense. Foto de

In this way I finished an abundant and tasty meal. I want to eat their poke bowls with products from Canada, the “chicken wings with maple syrup”, its “braised ribs” and its “Ruibarb Pie”. In addition, its atmosphere and desserts are perfect for winter snacks. I had already had my eye on El Canadiense as soon as I found out about its private room for friends’ meals, and together with its tight price, they are sure to succeed this winter.


El Canadiense
Phone: +34 669.46.58.86
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 19:00 h, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 1:00 h.
Address: Carranza, 10, Madrid.


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