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Specialty coffee in Madrid and the best coffee shops (I)

Places where you can have a coffee there’re many. There’re even places where they use a capsule machine. But if you also find it an aberration, is that you are a real #coffeelover. And surely this list of the best coffee shops in Madrid will be perfect for you. Those places where to discuss the type of roast, whether it’s better handmade coffee or the machine one and endless more subjects of lovers of good coffee. Let’s start!


Acceso de Toma Café Olavide. Foto de

Toma Café Olavide 

I couldn’t begin this list of the best coffee shops in Madrid without naming Toma Café. Pioneers in the art of treating coffee with the respect it deserves, recently they have opened their new headquarters in Chamberí. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy their skills, but they are so nice that they will awaken in you the coffee lover worm. Also now they have a light meal menu for breakfast / lunch / snacks / dinners. They have everything!


Interior-Exterior de La Colectiva. Foto de

La Colectiva 

In the area of Almagro, and step by step, they have made a deserved hole in the best coffee shops in Madrid. Less than a year later, it’s one of the places where Grandparents and Grandchildren mix, for its pleasant atmosphere and its working area with WiFi in the basement. For all of them, their “Victoria Arduino” coffee machine will make the tastiest coffee; and as their bakery and pastries are vegan and homemade, everyone is welcome.


Mostrador de Saint Georges Café. Foto de

Saint Georges Café 

They supplies its lack of space with good coffee and a smile. Coffee is from the Valladolid’s field of Puchero, who are revolutionizing the coffee world. It has two tiny stools in case you want to take your coffee sitting, but the most usual thing is that people ask for their drink to take away or drink it while chatting with Zoe. What is virtually certain is to accompany the coffee with an “Egg Pie”. It’s a mini-notepad with a delicious egg and bacon, but if you do not go soon, you may not get one to taste it.


Interior de Plántate Café. Foto de @plantatecafe

Plántate Café 

The large number of plants of one of the best coffee shops in Madrid is not by chance, it’s because they also sell them! In this “garden” you can go with your laptop and your dog for breakfast or snack with strong coffee, since here it is served well concentrated, especially that of Square Mile Coffee. Ey! -> #MCBtip: test its tonic espresso before it becomes mainstream. By the way, someone tells their owner Kevin to go to El Canadiense, he’ll feel like home.


Interior de HanSo Café. Foto de

HanSo Café 

A new temple of good coffee, this time in Malasaña. Yes, there’re many places to drink coffee in this neighborhood, but few that enter the top of the best coffee shops in Madrid. Its hallmarks are a neat and clean local perfect for currar, an art out of the ordinary for coffee and matcha latte with fine Asian pastries. Nicho has combined his perfected coffee passion in Toma Café with the Asian delights his wife prepares. Unbeatable.


Mesa de Hola Coffee. Foto de Sergio Albert.

Hola Coffee 

One of the most famous coffee shops in Madrid and the most special. Its flagship coffee is the espresso, but give the barista free rein and he’ll surprise you. They roast their coffee themselves, and with Pablo Caballero, Spanish champion of Baristas, having a coffee there is quite an experience. The whole interior is worthy of a magazine editorial or a Uniqlo shooting, and I love it. They have Home Cake sponge cakes, Panic bread, Cantagrullas butter, jams from Hermanas Arce … A super team!


Fachada de Ruda Café. Foto de

Ruda Café 

La Latina also has its coffee secret, this authentic neighborhood is much more than its Sundays “Rastro”. It’s secret is another of those specialty coffee shops: small shops with a lot of charm and specialized in the best coffee. There’re places like Starbucks where coffee is worth €5, are places to have breakfast every day and chat with the barista. Without posing. Coffee from roasters like Right Side and their homemade sweets do the rest.


I am one of those people who NEEDS a good coffee in the morning. Until I get the first shot of morning caffeine I’m drowsy without hearing about almost anything. Also, I like real coffee, and many times I even take it without sugar. That’s why I’ve made my list of the best coffee shops in Madrid, but I’m sure you have yours too. And one thing I tell you: I’m all ears to do part II!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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