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Restaurants for family meals in Madrid with assured success.

Surely very soon you’ll have to find restaurants for family meals in Madrid. Although there’re a lot of places in the city, it’s not an easy task. The location, the type of food, the price … do not mess! Thanks to this list, in which my friend Maite has helped me, finding the ideal place won’t be impossible for you.


“Chill Crab de Txangurro” de Membibre. Foto de Santi Burgos.Membibre

You may have walked in front of its old facade without paying attention to it. I do not blame you. But during this autumn an authentic revolution is taking place in Chamberí thanks to the grandchildren of the founders. Víctor Membribre (23 years old) has thoroughly renovated the menu after working with the best French chefs. You can order “chill crab de txangurro”, which combines tradition and modernity. I’m not saying he’s the next Dabid Muñoz but …


“Tacos de bonito con salsa barbacoa” de Goizeko Kabi. Foto de www.goizeko-gaztelupe.comGoizeko Kabi

Together with Gaztelupe restaurant, they form a powerful gastronomic tandem in Azca. A very good Basque cuisine that values its raw materials with generous portions. If you do not decide between all their dishes, you can also order its tapa version and thus try more. Their classics ones are “Bogavante salad” and “changurro Bilbao’s style”, but its big secret is the “arroz meloso”. Of course, “tacos de bonito a la barbacoa” will surprise more than one. My mouth’s watering.


Erizos de O’Pazo. Foto de www.opazo.esO’Pazo

This restaurant at Azca area is a winning horse for lovers of fish and seafood. It is not cheap, but raw material can’t be better, beacuse of Pescaderías Coruñesas. Thanks to this, you’ll believe that Madrid has a seaport: clams, oysters, sea urchins and a long etcetera accompanied by a great wine menu.


Deliciosas alcachofas de Atlantik Corner. Foto de www.madridcoolblog.comAtlantik Corner

One of the greatest exponents of Portuguese cuisine in the city, this restaurant reviews all the influences of Portuguese cuisine. And I do not mean only the most typical “bacalhau à brás”, the former colonies of Portugal have a great presence in its menu. Mozambique, Brazil, Goa, Sri Lanka and Japan modernize Portuguese classics and leave foodies open-mouthed. Wine lovers will have an opportunity here to explore the unknown, but it is almost mandatory to finish a good meal with a Port wine.


“Ensaladilla rusa templada” de Shalakabula. Foto de www.madridcoolblog.comShalakabula

This small restaurant in the Salamanca district has earned its own clientele by its own merits. Its secret is very simple: traditional cuisine with modern preparations. Examples? His “warm Russian salad” is delicious, at the height of his game of textures. And his “pig’s trotter snack” had to return to the menu by popular acclaim. Dining room can be closed to the public for those family meals in Madrid where meet grandparents, parents and grandchildren. Do you need more reasons to be booking now?


“Garbanzos salteados” de Fismuler. Foto de www.madridcoolblog.comFismuler

Remember this dish: “sautéed chickpeas with veal tendon, purple crayfish and purple cress”. The combination of chickpeas, meat and fish has never been so good; but there are many more reasons for you to eat at Fismuler. Honest food that will make you suck your fingers in a warm and sober Nordic atmosphere. Even the most exquisite diner will recognize that has never eaten such a rich dessert.


El soplete en Bocacalle es solo el principio. Foto de www.bocacallest.comBocacalle

If what your family wants is to try new things and they are not afraid of anything, do not miss the opportunity. In Bocacalle they’ll enjoy with their trompe l’oeil: “estofa-dog”, “samosas aragonesas”, “arboreal rice in plankton” … I had fun a lot and I am sure that you too with its chef trained in the kitchens of Martín Berasategui . And as it’s at Alonso Martínez, you can then go to MEAT to have a good gin and tonic. It’s a seamless plan!


Platos que no te esperas en Atelier Belge. Foto de www.restaurantegourmand.comAtelier Belge  

A whole classic restaurant at Chamberí, divided in two plants. Below, a bar with an infinite number of imported beers; upstairs, a cozy and intimate place where to make family meals in Madrid with Belgian dishes. It’s almost obligatory to order the “mussels in 8 aprestos” and the “Atelier stripe”. For dessert, and how could it be otherwise from Belgium, its “all chocolate” dessert. If you have a chance, their tasting menu is wonderful.


“Cochinillo confitado a baja temperatura” de Ten Con Ten. Foto de www.restaurantetenconten.comTen con Ten

In this list I have tried to include some novelties, but classics ones like Ten Con Ten are essential. Location, atmosphere and food come together in one of the place to be at Salamanca district, and not just for family meals in Madrid. It has several types of dining rooms, in which there’re small tables to circular private rooms, for which you have to book weeks in advance. It is not exactly cheap, but its quality makes it one of the favorite places of the neighborhood.


I hope I have helped you in looking for restaurants for family meals in Madrid. It isn’t an easy task for a place to grandparents and grandchildren, but with this list it’s quite likely to happen. Then it’s your thing if after lunch you go to drink something at one of the clandestine bars in Madrid or enjoy a terrace. Have a great time and you’ll tell me!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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