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Fellina The restaurant where to rediscover the essence of Italy.

I had a yearning for a good Italian restaurant, and I knew that Fellina was the ideal choice. With recipes faithful to the originals, and some that have been invented and which are already new classics. From here the real Italian gourmet foodies will be satisfied; and many will try authentic Italian cuisine for the first time in their lives. Don’t believe me?

Located in the area of Almagro, I can not imagine a better Italian restaurant in the area. And it’s not because they bring a very expensive truffle from Italy or that they have waiters who sing “La Traviatta”. It’s because of the love with which they prepare their food and the special thing they make you feel when you eat there.

Acceso de Fellina. Foto de

The restaurant occupies the site that previously was home to Random, but this new offering is totally different. Quality products, generous portions and a detail when serving dishes that many others could learn from. What does remain is its clandestine cocktail bar Anonymous Club and a terrace with dining room that has a communal table included.

Barra y mortadela de Fellina. Foto de


Comedor de Fellina. Foto de

Fellina’s concept is simple and complicated at the same time: to offer authentic Italian food. Not like we have eaten so far, mind you. Here you won’t find carbonara made with cream and bacon. In fact, the appetizer is Sicilian mortadella and Parmesan cheese. A declaration of intentions.

“Vitello tonnato” de Fellina. Foto de

We started the meal with joy, tasting one of the great classics of Italian cuisine and a recipe “made in Fellina”. The “vitello tonnato” that came to the table was finger licking good, something that isn’t common. Although I tell you, with the quality of the raw materials used by Fellina, it’s somewhat easier to make a plate a 10.

“Bruschetta di sarine e maracuja” de Fellina. Foto de

You may think that Italian cuisine can’t surprise you, but you’re wrong. Well, unless you’ve already tried the “bruschetta di sarine e maracuja”. As you read, sardines and passion fruit in the same recipe. If you go to Fellina I recommend that you don’t miss the opportunity to try this dish. Soft and delicious.

“Fiori di zucchina” de Fellina. Foto de

The “fiori di zucchina” was a nod to the best of the Italian garden. I don’t go for vegetables that much, yet I ate everything on the plate. Simply delicious… You can always put vegetables like this on my plate!

“Spaguetti carbonara” de Fellina. Foto de

As we were two people, we ordered two main courses. But since we wanted to try more dishes, we shared them. First we attacked the “spaghetti alla carbonara originale”. The only time I ate such delicious spaghetti was in Rome. Made with guanciale, pecorino and egg, as it should be.

“Tortelloni rosa” de Fellina. Foto de

By the time the “tortelloni rose con foie gras d’oca e tartufo” arrived, our hunger was already quite satiated. But we made room for more J. Beyond its color, the taste of the tortelloni was spectacular, and the smell of truffle and foie rose to the nose before the fork. Come on, you’ve already started salivating…

“Tiramisú” de Fellina. Foto de

By the way, I’ll tell you one of my purposes for 2018: try all the tiramisu in Madrid. I’ve already tried some, and seeing that Fellina had it on the menu, I couldn’t resist. What I did’t expect was that it arrived in an Italian coffee maker! The tiramisu is below and you pour the coffee that is in the top part of the coffee maker. You’ll see that it’s not only cool, it’s phenomenal, with all the textures forming a whole.

“Cannoli” de Fellina. Foto de

Of course, since I saw “The Sopranos”, I have to eat at least one “cannoli ripieni alla ricotta” for dessert. And I assure you that Fellina’s is pure art. They mount the “cannoli” on the table itself, filling it and plating it so beautiful that it’s a shame to eat it. But once you put it in your mouth, you forget everything…

Mesa comunal de la terraza de Fellina. Foto de

Our visit was on a Saturday at lunchtime, and there was a clientele of all kinds. Families with children, couples, groups of friends… Next time I plan to go at night, to top off the dinner with the cocktails of Anonymous Club and square the circle. When several days later you keep reminding yourself of what you ate in a restaurant, it’s always a good sign. And it happened to me with Fellina.

Translated by, the podcast about Madrid in English.


Phone: +34 914.10.92.50
Opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday 13:00 to 0:00 h, Thursday to Saturday 13:00 to 2:00 h.
Address: Caracas, 21, Madrid.


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