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Fismuler. Nordic restaurant with Spanish cuisine in Alonso Martínez.

I like eating, I think you may have noticed if you follow me. Well, I recommend Fismuler to my best friend without thinking twice: Spanish cuisine designed with the head of a Scandinavian chef. I’m a man of simple tastes, but thorough ones; what I don’t like tricks. So I feel comfortable in honest business, where prevails the taste of food.

Entrada. Foto de

Yes, I like restaurants that have a careful decoration; but if I go hungry and don’t eat well, I don’t mind about deco. And yes, more than once I went to somewhere which had a huge hype and I have not written a single line about the experience.

Mesa comunal baja. Foto de

They’ve place for all plans. Two huge wooden tables for 16, where those who hadn’t booked won’t have a problem. A hidden table close to the kitchen, another table that occupies a covered patio… And yes, they also have “normal” tables in the area of the corner building.

Comedor. Foto de

The atmosphere is calm and quiet, because there’s in a huge basement at Sagasta street. Its market cuisine is without stridency, but creative and fantastic.

Mesa de la cocina. Foto de

People who like to eat well without shrillness will love it (parents who don’t want to eat “weird things”), but also those who are hunting the last #foodie discovery. And when I mean it’s market cuisine it isn’t a phrase, they buy their ingredients from small producers at Mercado de Maravillas.

Mesa del patio. Foto de

Now time to talk about the food. Fismuler menu is short and full of homemade recipes with the touch of Nino Redruello. When I go to a restaurant, I like to follow the waiters’s recommendations. ¿Chickpeas with fish? Go!.

Garbanzos salteados. Foto de

The full name is Chick peas sauteed with beef tendon, crayfish and purple watercress. They’re not heavy, squishy but not broken and tasty. A hit with traditional ingredients (do not panic at the tendon) wich is one of the “best sellers” of Fismuler.

Steak tartar. Foto de

The second dish was the Steak tartare of smoked beef and cajun spices, spicy and good combination with chickpeas. As you see, homemade recipes not mean bad dish appearance.

Tarta de queso. Foto de

One thing I’ll tell you very seriously: Cheesecake. It’s not in the menu, but if you sit between low communal table and the area of low tables, you’ll smell the mixture of cheeses (blue, fresh and cured) cooking au gratin in ovens. I feel the photo doesn’t reflect how delicious is, ¡you have to check it!

Mesa comunal alta. Foto de

In addition, you could finish the meal with distilled alcohol macerated for themselves, and you’ll have a great plan. As you see, it has everything to be one of the trendy restaurants of the end of 2016. And the next year too!


Teléfono: +34 918.27.75.81
Horario: lunes a sábado de 13:30 a 16:00 y de 20:30 a 0:00 hrs.
Precio medio: 25-30€.
Dirección: Sagasta, 29, Madrid.


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