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The most amazing concept stores in Madrid.

Many times this city is so big that if you want to eat out there or go shopping, you do not know where to go. The offer is very broad but … cool places are few. If you want to find something original when you go shopping, surely some of these concept store in Madrid will brighten your day. And if you are looking for a gift that hits the spot… Take note!


Entrada de El Paracaidista. Foto de

El Paracaidista

This concept store occupies the entire building of what used to be a historic palace in the heart of Malasaña, very close to the Tribunal subway. Distributed in its more than 3,000 square meters you will find everything: men’s and women’s fashion, decoration, gadgets, food … but it is much more. This new concept store in Madrid has two terraces, one linked to Cubanismo cocktail bar and the other to Parq restaurant. Not to mention its art gallery, movie theater and much more.


Interior de R de Room. Foto de

R de Room

This shop in Chamberí has the most stylish Nordic style deco things in the capital. They bring limited editions of furniture, tableware, textiles and a lot of unique details. Some time ago I could not resist grabbing one of its neon light ray and a little blanket to see Netflix good series. My new object of desire is the ceramic collections, they’re fantastic. They also have a renovation and interior design studio and their projects has been widely published in a lot of deco magazines. And as they are next to Ponzano street, you can combine the shopping with the ponzaning.


Escaparate de Pinkoco. Foto de


It’s one of the most eclectic shops in the whole district of the Salesas. Its owner Piero brings from his native Verona natural cosmetics suitable for all types of skins, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can also find a careful selection of furniture and the collection of accessories designed by Piero himself. My recommendation is droppinb by there from 18:00, when Pinkoco Shop is transformed into Pinkoco Bar and enjoy a good Spritz.


Entrada de Despacio. Foto de


Between Chueca and Alonso Martínez, it’s one of those shops to go without rush. If you like the style of Uniqlo or Muji, its products will charm you. It’s the typical place of where it’s very difficult to leave without having bought anything. They have exclusive marks for men and women. And gadgets that you did not even know existed but that you can not live without them now. One of the most important concept store in Madrid to find a gift and be safe for success.


Interior de Do Design. Foto de

Do Design

One of my favorites in Madrid, I talked to you a while ago, but is in constant renewal. Pioneer of concept store in Madrid, it’s in one of the most interesting shopping streets: Fernando VI Street. In 5 minutes you will visit many other very interesting stores like Cacto-Cacto or La Duquesita. If you like shopping, this street will be your treasure. But in Do Design you not only buy, they also organize exhibitions of emerging artists and even you can have coffee. Trend fans also find their favourite magazines here, such as The Room, Foma, or Grey.


La Galería de San Ildefonso

It may at first pass unnoticed among so many bars and restaurants in the area of San Ildefonso Sq., but this space is a real jewel. When you enter you’ll discover countless small designers who keep alive the alternative spirit of Malasaña. Its two floors are like a small bazaar where to find what you were not looking for, in the purest style of a European “flea market”.


Interior de AMEN. Foto de


If I tell you that their owners were inspired by the soon-closed Colette de Paris, you can start to get an idea of what AMEN is. Within its big industrial spaces there’re everything from Japanese sweets to jewelry printed in 3D. The selection of vinyl made by Mr. Lobo to socks with the face of David Bowie. One of the most eclectic shops in Madrid and in which you will find many surprises. Watch out for their social networks, because they also organize concerts and clandestine dinners.


Zona de tienda de Swinton & Grant. Foto de

Swinton & Grant

Lavapies is much more than the “party neighborhood”, here culture is breathed everywhere. And I’m not just talking about La Casa Encendida or La Tabacalera. Throughout the area neighborhood life mingles with more alternative cultural projects and trends. This is the case of Swinton & Grant, which is a contemporary art gallery, but also a café and bookstore specializing in graphic novels and art books. Not to mention you can also get your pack to build your own camera and give free rein to your creativity.


It’s becoming more difficult to find original products with personality, but there’re still people who strive to offer diversity and originality. Take a tour of one of these concept store in Madrid and you will see how you do not leave with empty hands. The city offers many options beyond the large mall and commercial areas and if you want to keep on logging sites, my shops in Madrid are sure to give you lots of ideas.

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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