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The best Spanish omelettes in Madrid (I)

It’s incredible that with such a simple recipe there can be so many variations. Eggs, potatoes, olive oil, salt and onion (or not). From the most traditional to the most avant-garde, this recipe is the protagonist of the most heated discussions. Leaving aside combinations close to the sacrilege, I tell you the best Spanish omelette in Madrid. Among which I have tested to date.

With or without onions, very curdled or little curdled, different ways to cook the potatoes … I still have many recipes to try in Spain! Shall we start with the ones I’ve already eaten?

Tortilla de patata de La Ardosa. Foto de

La Ardosa 

Its fame is such that it has crossed borders and has even appeared on CNN. It is almost always crowed, but that should not deter you from tasting one of the best Spanish omelette in Madrid. The Concha Marfil recipe is the result of her long experience as a cook, with admirers like Juan Mari Arzak. By far and very well that you have explained the recipe of one of the best tortillas de patata in Madrid, but I tell you that at home it hasn’t the same flavour…

Tortilla de patata de Juana La Loca. Foto de

Juana La Loca 

Pioneers of introducing onion confit to the traditional recipe, it has staunch admirers and others rather more skeptical. Of course, although its exterior appearance is a bit chaotic due to its slightly curdled egg, it has a peculiar flavor that I love. Its way of interpreting one of the most typical recipes of Spain justifies the visit, still having to deal with the large influx of public.

Tortilla de patata del Sylkar. Foto de


Still far from the center of Ponzano, it’s at the top is because it is one of the favorite bars of the people of Chamberí. Do not worry if you arrive and they don’t have any Spanish omellete, because they’re in constant production. Its façade full of awards is no coincidence and is the result of its tasty homemade food. You can also order portions of “patatas aoli-oli” or “anchovies in vinegar”. If you dare to eat there, go upstairs and ask for “callos” or “rabo de toro”. Of course, after the nap is almost obligatory.

Tortilla de patata de Casa Dani. Foto de

Casa Dani 

To this day, it was not exactly the most glamourous place in the Salamanca neighborhood, but they’re finalizing a reno that is sure to look great. Flags of the combination “coffee with milk and skewer of tortilla”. Within Mercado de la Paz, you’ll share table with dependents of the market. One of the best Spanish omelettes in Madrid, with or without onion.

Tortilla de patata de Pez Tortilla.

Pez Tortilla 

They’re VERY supporters of the little curd potato omelette, with lots of varieties. With truffle, parmesan, zucchini, chistorra … combined with their delicious croquettes, a great tapas meal. They have opened a couple of years ago in Malasaña, but they have earned a spot on my list because they also have over 30 different beers to accompany the meal.



Casa Julio

Yes, this is the legendary tavern where Bono and his band fell in love with Spanish croquettes, but there’re much more. Many will emulate the Irish band, but taste its Spanish omelette as well. And if possible, on a weekday. Done without haste is much better. At the helm is now Jose Luis, the son of Maite, maintaining everything that has made Casa Julio famous. This place is an essential bar of Malasaña, with its solera and red facade typical of the taverns of Madrid.

Tortilla de patata de EL Pontón. Foto de

El Pontón

This site was discovered by my friend Diego, who worked in the area and both he and his co-workers were loyal customers. It’s a life long Chamberi bar. It’s close to the Álvarez de Castro Sq and La Mina Tavern. It’s one of the best Spanish omelettes in Madrid. And the ones that are more similar to the one that my mother does, which also have their fame. It is not a local cuqui much less. Rather than watching football with friends from the neighborhood, a #chivatazoMCB in the heart of Chamberí.


I know it’s a very short list and they will have left many of the best Spanish omelettes in Madrid outside. In every neighborhood, and almost every street, there’re authentic experts on the subject. I’m sure there’re many more places on the list, so I accept all kinds of suggestions for expanding the list :-).

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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