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Cafes for a first date in Madrid (I).

When you have a fist date in Madrid, what are you looking for? A quiet place where you can chat without haste. And if you can surprise with your proposal, all the better. I could write a book about cafes for a first date in Madrid. Of course there’re many more that I’ll tell you. Save this post for the next occasion or to recreate you already had with your partner …

The LIttle Big Café. Foto de

The Little Big Café 

Aside being one of Cup Of Couple and Malibu’s favorite places, this coffee shop has a lot of fans. Its name defines it perfectly. A great little local, because although it’s small, its huge quality coffee and the coffee lovers of the area of Moncloa have it well noted.


Swinton & Grant. Foto de www.guiarepsol.comSwinton & Grant 

Does your partner freak out for graphic novels and art books? If you take it here you’ll give it a great joy. In a single space you can browse among a lot of titles, and around a good coffee, talk about them. Next to the CSA La Tabacalera, you’ll spend some time of the most cultural while.


Mür Café. Foto de www.murcafe.esMür Café 

Very close to the Plaza de los Cubos but away from all the hassle. The best option to comment the film after going to the movies. Its freshly ground coffee or one of your teas with a piece of cake round off the plan. Of course, if you’re going to be with your love all day, load the batteries with its “English breakfast”, #yummy!


Interior de El Coconut Bar. Foto de www.unbuendiaenmadrid.comEl Coconut Bar

With its tropical decoration of the 50’s, logically its hit is the “piña colada”. Elvis from its altar oversees the Hawaiian style with palm trees and neon lights everywhere. King size shakes and pancakes with cream will soften the heart of sweet tooth. Its selection of surf, doo-wop and soul music will do the rest.


Interior de El Jardín Secreto. Foto de David Diego.El Jardín Secreto 

A place that seems delighted with such a decor that are unique in the world. Specialists in chocolates, infusions and tables for two with faint light of their lamps. It’s next to Conde-Duque and the ABC Museum, so you can finish an afternoon for the most demanding intellectual person.


Interior de Lolina Café. Foto de www.lolinacafe.comLolina Vintage Café 

Looks like a grandmother’s vintage room, unless their strawberry mojitos that are usually on the tables. Upstairs is usually full, normal because there’re also large windows facing the street. But downstairs is much more intimate and less noisy where armchairs and sofas await you. A classic of the rebirth of Malasaña that continues in fashion since then.


Vacaciones Cocktail Bar. Foto de www.madridcoolblog.comVacaciones 

It may be still early for you to go on vacation, but at least at this cocktail bar you’ll have the perfect relaxed atmosphere to chat. Or to prepare that trip. Its light and colorful encourage to organize beach adventures, and its chocolate cake with Oreo cookie the necessary energy. Of course, when night comes it turns into a coastal beach bar with great cocktails.


Il Tavolo Verde. Foto de www.iltavoloverde.comIl Tavolo Verde 

One of Madrid’s finest coffees, with freshly baked cookies for early snacks, as they close at 8:00 p.m. Ingredients of their recipes bring from their own orchard of Guadalajara, and the antiques of their store of places of all Europe. They also have books for very cool children, with the guarantee of the children of the owners.


Salón con sofá. Foto de www.madridcoolblog.comCervantes y Compañía 

There’re still places in Madrid that surprise and keep secrets in their basements, as is the case of this bookstore. Although the small corner of vinyls with turntables is already ahead, this is a special site. On the ground floor there’s a vaulted space with temporary exhibitions and a little cafe for ink lovers.


These coffees for a first date in Madrid I hope they help you. I know more than one friend they gave very good result. If the thing works, restaurants and cocktails will surely witness what is emerging 😉

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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