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New restaurants of 2017 in Madrid that are triumphing.

There is still the final part of the year, and there are still a few places to be opened, but we can already talk about the new restaurants of 2017 in Madrid that have set a trend. There are still almost 3 months left and there are great releases before the end of the year, but take note and don’t let December 31 arrive without having tried the newest offerings.

Interior de Chow Chow Madrid. Foto de

Chow Chow

Here is Japanese food passed through the Latin sieve. Peru, Mexico, Venezuela or Brazil give a fun and a little crazy edge to Japanese cuisine. In addition, there are several dishes such as “foie con vieiras”, which are served in konros. They are a few mini-bars of coal in which they finish cooking food right on the table. Together with the “green tea waffle with fried chicken”, its the new sensation of the Viso neighborhood.

Interior de John Barrita. Foto de

John Barrita 

That they go for the sandwiches in Madrid is as certain as the (almost) official dish of the capital street food: the squid sandwich. Therefore, that someone treats entrepan with love and seriousness is a joy for the “cats.” While the menu is short, not a single one of its offerings are. It’s located in Vallehermoso, and for less than €20 per person you can have a gourmet experience. Good bread, better filling and the most creative of imaginations in their recipes.

Reservados de Pointer. Foto de


Its access is a bit hidden, but the views it has towards the Plaza de Colón in Madrid are becoming more famous. One of the new restaurants of 2017 in Madrid with good Mediterranean food in elegant surroundings. Those who know where to eat well by the Castellana have this place on speed dial. Its “tuna loin with guacamole” is delicious and the “Nutella cronut filled with Oreo cream” is a real treat that you can’t miss.

Interior de Dos Cielos Madrid. Foto de

Dos Cielos Madrid

The stables of the former Palace of the Dukes of Madrid has been converted into the landing area of ​​the Torres brothers in Madrid. They maintain their Mediterranean roots, but their dishes now also have authentic echoes. The tasting menu is spectacular and you can try all its hits, such as the “primera florada con jamón ibérico” (“first bloom with Iberian ham”) or its “arroz de pichón con aceitunas negras” (“pigeon rice with black olives”). The noise-free and relaxed atmosphere is the perfect setting to get to know the food of these Michelin-starred chefs.

Barra de Numa. Foto de


The owner of Ten con Ten repeats in the Salamanca district, this time on Velázquez Street. The interior design of the site is spectacular, with a very careful decoration and lighting. It’s not cheap and they still lack a little “running in” so that the food is at the same level as the place. Of course, your appetizer of Italian mortadella and parmesan cheese are almost worth the visit. If you want to go all out, ask for the wine list and the Italian experience will be total.

Interior de Peyote San. Foto de

Peyote San

The fusion cuisine between Mexico and Japan has reached its maximum expression with this location of the Larrumba Group. Apart from automatically becoming one of the fashion sites for its decoration from its opening, its food is not far behind. They combine the Japanese delicacy in the “takoyakis” or the “ikezukuri” with the rotundity of good Mexican barbecue with the “rib of beef in teriyaki”. It’s one of the places to be in Madrid and a great place to eat.

Interior de Superchulo. Foto de


The trend of healthy food goes well beyond the summer months and bikini time. New restaurants of 2017 in Madrid like this cool Malasaña place that’s committed to eating well with creative, tasty recipes and organic ingredients. They have made their peculiar version of “paella” and “patatas bravas”, but I recommend their “flower power pizza” or their “green bao”, which you can’t believe does not have meat.

Comedor de la planta de arriba. Foto de

Café Comercial 

The oldest café in Madrid, opened in 1887, has reopened keeping its essence yet renewing itself. Now you can continue drinking coffee on your ground floor surrounded by history, but I recommend you climb the stairs. On the top floor they have opened a restaurant and cocktail area designed by Madrid In Love with a retro style and views of the Plaza de Bilbao.

Enorme ventanal de Oven Mozzarella Bar Atocha. Foto de

Oven Mozarella Bar Atocha 

If you stay here with someone and you are late, don’t worry. You order the Burrata Oven, a fantastic starter with burrata, strawberries, grapes and pesto. The one who arrives late, loses. Well, or you ask for another one later :-). Since I went to Oven Mozarella Bar in Fuencarral they have opened more sites due to their success, and Atocha in simply spectacular.

Interior de Mamá Chico. Foto de Paco Montanet.

Mamá Chicó

The place is very cute, but the fact that the place is very cute does not take away the hunger. Here the hunger is taken away by their “pizza de jamón ibérico con huevos rotos” (“Iberian ham pizza with broken eggs”, their “empanadas argentinas” or their “raviolis de boletus with wasabi salsa”. As you can see, its concept is to mix Italy, Argentina and Galicia en a delicious way. To top it off, they have their own bakery with a bunch of homemade breads and succulent cakes. Look: if you decide on the pizza, they are 30×62 cm and you can order them in two flavors ;-).

Interior de Raro Rare. Foto de

Raro Rare 

The new opening by the creators of Bar Galleta and El Perro y la Galleta is a top destination and followed by their older brothers. Its decoration is similar, although with more ethnic touches; what is totally new is its menu. Its raw offer with raw and semi-cooked dishes brings quality and originality to the Tribunal metro area. Do not miss their “eel rolls” or their “cold cheese cake” while you look through their large windows.


As you can see, there are some of those that I have already told you about. Others I have pending but I have reviews of trusted people I know in version 1.0. This list of new restaurants in 2017 has not yet finished because there are no less than 3 months left until the end of the year. So stay tuned for my updates!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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