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Plans for Father’s Day in Madrid 2018.

Have you been caught again on Father’s Day in Madrid without any plans? No problem! You can always make a reservation at some of the best restaurants for family meals, but top off the surprise. I have several ideas for him to have a great day, and the rest of the family too 🙂

Barra de la azotea del NH Collection Suecia. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Shaving session with brunch at the NH Collection Hotel Casa Suecia

Valid whether the father in question boasts a well-groomed hipster beard or if he has a close shave. The barber of Adrien Brody or DiCaprio is sure to satisfy and deliver happiness. And if that were not enough, after a good shave you can enjoy a brunch or an aperitif on its terrace with magnificent views of almost all of Madrid.

Flamencos del Zoo Aquarium de Madrid. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Go on a trip to the Zoo Aquarium in Madrid

Probably one of the most favored plans for Father’s Day in Madrid. Surely there will be a lot of people, but for young children going to the Zoo Aquarium in Madrid it’s an unforgettable memory. A very good opportunity to spend time with family, and on top of that see animals from all parts of the world.

Escritorio con estantería de R de Room. Foto de R de Room.

Create its own space thanks to R de Room

In a house where several people live, it’s necessary that each person has a space. Each one is a world, but a nordic design object for your father will surely make his corner special. It really doesn’t take much to get it, with a lamp here and a table there. Or if the father in question is a foodie, a good decanter or nice dishes for his culinary creations.

Ventanal de Gran Clavel. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Have vermouth in Gran Clavel 

You can go to one of the centennial vermuterías of Madrid, but also to some of the new places to have vermuth. One of the latter is Gran Clavel, a place where you can have the aperitif or eat a complete meal, and modern to boot. Very soon I will tell you about my experience eating there, but I tell you that their new traditional cuisine is delicious. They even have prawns with pink sauce!

Menaje de cocina de CARNIco. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Try the pastrami of CARNIco

This Chamberí butchery is famous for its chamber of meat curing, where you buy the piece and they cure it. Why can it be one of the best plans for Father’s Day in Madrid? Because they also have the latest sensation in the foodie world: the pastrami made by the people of La Finca. The sandwiches are delicious, but they have created surprising recipes: gildas, salads, tatakis… It will surprise you!

Camisas estampadas de Mumy Room. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Surprise with a printed shirt by Mumy Room

Maybe the father to surprise does not follow the latest fashions, but a cotton shirt with patterned fabrics from Japan is sure to delight him. There is something for all tastes, from those with pink flamingos to those that are full of color. In addition, parents and children can go together with their fun designs to show off wherever they want to go. Its cotton is the perfect material for the warm city of Madrid and sizes from 3 years to XXL adult.

Plato de DeAtún. Foto de DeAtún.

First ronqueo* of the bluefin tuna of the season in DeAtún (* immediate preparation of freshly caught tuna by hand)

We continue with another of the foodie-themed plans for Father’s Day in Madrid. In this case, one of the most interesting single-product restaurants on Ponzano Street: DeAtún. This gift consists of a private pass for the first ronqueo of the bluefin tuna of the season, with cutting ritual and a tasting menu of 10 dishes. It looks good, right? Well, it’s paired with four wines from the D.O. Navarra, Rías Baixas, Rueda and Rioja.

Fachada del Cine Capitol. Foto de SMedia.

See “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” at Cine Capitol

One of the films that more amusingly reflects the relationship between father and son is this adventure film by Steven Spielberg. Almost 30 years have passed, but the adventures of “Indy” and his father continue to hook new generations. What could be better than  watching this movie on the big screen? And on top of it all, in the newly-refurbished Capitol Cinema, the most cinephile emblem of Madrid.


There are plans for Father’s Day in Madrid for the whole family; others that are only for him, but all are different and original. You can always book at the best restaurants to celebrate Father’s Day, but when it’s time for the gifts, no neckties please! Surely with the ideas that I have proposed you will have your eyes wide open.

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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