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Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you where to live in Madrid.

When searching where to live in Madrid, one of the fundamental aspects is to know what the personality of the neighborhood is. And this has to fit with your lifestyle, of course. Because the ideal neighborhood for some may not be for others. Everything depends on the taste and the vital moment of each one.

I have partnered with Nestpick, a search aggregator for flat rentals, to recommend you with neighborhood to live depending on how you are.

I’m like that friend who lives in the city and tells you which is the best area to live, so you can be as comfortable as possible in Madrid. Then it’s your turn to look for your new accommodation and live in the perfect neighborhood for you.

Exterior de Macera en Malasaña. Foto de

The hipster: Malasaña

This is the hipster neighborhood of Madrid par excellence. It was where the cupcakes arrived for the first time in Madrid, and then baos and poke bowls and … Now there’re bearded people in craft brewery pubs, but probably when you come, a new fashion will have arrived. It’s one of the key destinations to know what’s hottest in Madrid, both in stores like El Moderno and in cocktail bars like Macera. This is the young and rogue neighborhood perfect for going out at night.

Specialty coffee en Lavapiés. Foto de

 The art lover: Lavapiés

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Madrid, now has left a few years of neglect to become one of the most stylish and multicultural in the city. It has long ceased to be a degraded area to become a focus of alternative culture with places such as La Tabacalera or Swinton & Grant and where you can take the best specialty coffee in Madrid. Above is very close to the Triángulo del Arte with the best museums in Spain, so it’s the favorite location for art lovers.

Mercado de La Latina y terraza de El Viajero.

 The bon vivant: La Latina

World famous for being the neighborhood where the Rastro is celebrated every Sunday, there’s much more. During the week, a large number of vintage furniture stores, discarded vinyl records and small neighborhood bars are kept open. On weekends it’s full of people thanks to its theaters and tapas bars, but there’re also deserted streets to walk around without looking at the clock. One of the essential places for any bon vivant is El Viajero, mythical terrace of La Latina.

Cine al aire libre en Usera. Foto de Cinema Usera.

 The street life lovers: Usera

Thanks Madrid Río Park and the recovery of the Manzanares River, this old working-class neighborhood has been filled with couples with children who want to be close to the center and have all the amenities. The Chinese community that lives there mixes perfectly with urban art galleries, creating a vibrant and fun symbiosis. A neighborhood that reflects the reality of Madrid: international and traditional.

Parque de El Retiro de Madrid. Foto de

The wealthy family: Retiro

Quiet and relaxed atmosphere next to one of the green lungs of Madrid, El Retiro. Through these streets you’ll find the most exclusive shops in the city, so on weekend it’s filled with shopping lovers. Ancient palaces, narrow streets with trees, small boutiques and quality restaurants. It also houses some of the best places to take tapas, such as Atlántico Casa de Petiscos. The place where wealthy families live with all the comforts in the center of Madrid.

Interior de Sala de Despiece. Foto de

 The foodie: Chamberí

If you want to experience to party in Madrid, drinking cañas and eating tapas, your destination is Ponzano St. at Chamberí neighborhood. It’s the new leisure area for the thirty-somethings of Madrid, since the traditional bars such as Alipio Ramos have joined other avant-garde gastronomy as Sala de Despiece. One of its secrets is the Plaza de Olavide, with lively terraces throughout the year. One of the neighborhoods with more personality, ideal place for postgraduates and young families with children, and who like to eat!

Atardecer en el Templo de Debod de Madrid. Foto de

 The college student: Moncloa

The highest concentration of university students, near Madrid’s University area. The average age should be around 20 years, with young people with folders on the street and shared apartments in buildings. The bars are perfect for pockets with little budget, like Don Oso. Near the Parque del Oeste, you can experience two of the most romantic experiences in Madrid: a ride on the Teleférico and watch the sunset at Templo de Debod. If you come to study in Madrid, living in Moncloa is almost an obligation.


The possibilities are almost endless, but if you know what kind of neighborhood you want, choose the area to live in simple. Be as you are, there’s a perfect neighborhood for you. And you know that if you have any questions or I can help you, get in touch with me and I’ll answer your questions. Enjoy your new home!

*Nestpick is a search aggregator for flat rentals. Once you have a clear idea of where you want to live, you can use Nestpick to browse through the offers of the area you are interested in. This will save you from having to be kicking the streets pointing ad phone numbers. And on top of that, you can search on many different web pages, all saving time!


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