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The new restaurants of 2018 in Madrid unmissable for foodies.

This is one of my most personal lists. It’s about the new restaurants of 2018 in Madrid that in my opinion will triumph. Those that everyone is going to talk about. Some of them I have already gone, and others I want to try them before their waiting list becomes too long. This is my wish list for 2018, and I have to hurry because I have a lot to eat.

Gran espacio de Sala Equis. Foto de Lucía M.

Sala Equis

What was until recently the last porn cinema in Madrid, now is one of the coolest spots of culture and leisure at La Latina. There’re still movies, but the actors have a lot more clothes and they speak in the original language. But it’s much more than a cinema. It works as a big covered square where people enjoy old school style entertainment: sitting where they can with a drink in hand and something to snack on.

Interior de Hojaldrería. Foto de Javier Salas.


The new spotlight of Madrid gastronomy has just been opened by Javier Bonet in the old “Mantequería Ribas y Alba”. The creator of MUTA and Sala de Despice has launched this new project where the puff pastry is the protagonist. For this purpose, he has counted on the invaluable collaboration of Estela of Pastelería Pedro of Cabezón de la Sal to obtain the best puff pastry. From here, a sweet and salty tasting menu of simple dishes that ends with the Wellington Burger to share. And with sweets to taste throughout the day.

Interior de Taramara. Foto de


The creators of Latasia, chosen as Best Restaurant of the year 2017 by the Asociación de Cocineros y Reposteros de Madrid, have not relax. Taramara is the new proposal of the Hernández brothers based on a return to Mediterranean seasonal product. A menu with Spanish character, a cocktailbar designed for the after-dinner and an intimate atmosphere. It also has a very interesting “bar menu” in non-stop time and a daily spoon dish.

Terraza de invierno de Caramba. Foto de


Not everything new and modern has to be a total break with tradition. A good example of this is Caramba, a cozy and elegant restaurant, with traditional recipes, with “cocido” as a star dish. Castilian soup and calamari sandwich coexist with oxtail and chicken drumstick. Lodged inside the Regina Hotel, it has given new life to its loyal customers and capturing many new ones.

Interior colorido de Las chicas, los chicos y los maniquís.

Los chicos, las chicas y los maniquís 

Anyone who is “Enamorado de la moda juvenil” should drop by the ground floor of the newly opened hotel Axel. The decoration of the place is inspired by the spirit of “La Movida Madrileña”, as well as its background musica. But beware, this is not mere cool and vintage deco. The names of the dishes also follow the same idea, and best of all, they have taken the concept to the food. “Squid sandwich with kimchi”, “pork rinds with corn powder” or its top portion for the appetizar called “Massiel potatoes”.

Preciosa sala de comidas de El Buda Feliz 1974. Foto de

El Buda Feliz

Forget about Chinese cuisine as you know it. To eat the latest Asian cuisine in Madrid, you have to go to the first Chinese restaurant in Madrid. We have been deceived for years with the horrific dishes that Chinese themselves do not eat. Now, thanks to Yong Ping Zhang, we can taste the true Chinese gastronomy. But in the Chinese style, with a tasting menu where you do not have to leave anything on the plate with ingredients like “thousand-year-old duck egg”. That’s quite a thing to say!

Ventanal con reservado de El Canadiense. Foto de

El Canadiense

I have never been in Canada, but it’s a country that has already conquered me because of my stomach. This is the first Canadian-inspired restaurant in Madrid. It spreads the flavor of the typical dishes, but with a modern touch. In fact, El Canadiense has been a small gastronomic embassy. The main course of their menu is the burger, which is fabulous. But there’re much more: “poutine”, “tourtiere”, “pecan pie” … strong and hot food for the coldest months. In addition, its private room forr dinners of friends is the most beautiful I’ve seen.

Fiesta en Bala Perdida. Foto de Paco Montanet.

Bala Perdida 

It’s an underground cave that I’ll introduce to my post of clandestine bars in Madrid. To drink THE cocktail, either before dinner (idea that seduces me) or for when the revolutions of the party go down. Their owners won the Best Bar in the World Award for Blue Wave, so they know what they do. They say that there is a cocktail that you have to ask for no matter what: “Miguel de Molina”. A nod to the past of this space as a clandestine place for gay public.

Terminando los platos de de Coque Madrid. Foto de


I did not want to finish this list without mentioning the landing of one of the greats of haute cuisine in Madrid. The Sandoval brothers have opened in the capital with their 2 Michelin stars, 3 Repsol Suns and 3 M from the Metropolis Guide. I told you about my experience with its Q17 + tasting menu, their 18 dishes and more than 10 different wine references. I do not deny that it’s not cheap, but for me, it’s totally worth it. With a maximum of 60 diners, food, attention and atmosphere are amazing.


I have already gone to some of these places with my friends and I can say that it was a very fun experience. Others have given me good references by foodies to which I have great respect, and I do not mean Capel. I speak of people like you and me, people who likes eating well in cool places. Come on, we’re a real bon vivants! Follow my track of restaurants in Madrid that I try and tell you so you do not miss anything.

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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