Lady Madonna. A chic, irreverent and classic restaurant at the Las Salesas.


Alonso Martinez is on fire and one of the must-see restaurants is Lady Madonna. Nice with good atmosphere, have plates with a touch of freshness and other more classic where you’ll have success at Salesas. The interior has clear and natural materials, plenty of mirrors to multiply the light street and some “mediterranean chic”. Because […]

Gigi Meet Me Bar. The fancy restaurant in Chamberí.

Gigi Meet Me Bar. El restaurante chic de Chamberí.

I love telling you about my experience at restaurants and shops that I know they’ll succeed before being too known. If you have to surprise a special person or nominate your group of friends a different place for dinner, pay attention. It’s not famous (yet) but Gigi likes doing things right and that’s the good […]

La Jefa. Colonial restaurant at Castellana with Canary Islands flavour.


This pleasant restaurant Recoletos street is a breath of fresh air to the general trend of the area. It’s true there’re several of the best restaurants in Madrid in the surroundings, but sometimes you prefer to take a quick, safe and simple menu. Especially at lunchtime on weekdays as it was our case. The entrance […]