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The new vermuterías of Madrid for authentic bon vivants (and modern folks)

A new gastronomic fad has arrived in the city, which I love: to drink vermouth. In a very short time are appearing new vermuterías in Madrid, demonstrating that  enjoying this aperitif is not for grandparents, but is nothing but cool and original. I already told you about the most famous and oldest vermuterías in Madrid, and now it’s the turn of the most modern and cool places. Don’t miss these addresses to get the master’s degree in authentic bon vivant and know the essentials of the city.

Interior del Café Pavón. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog

Café Pavón

The old cafeteria of the Teatro Pavón (now Teatro Kamikaze) reopened its doors in Tirso de Molina. It have recovered all that has been possible from the original art decó style of its decoration, including its wonderful wooden ceiling. At its bar of more than 90 years now you can taste classic dishes such as his “ensladilla rusa” and other more current as the pastrami sandwich. With his vermouth of tap has made a hole in the new vermuterías of Madrid.

Interior de La Violeta.

La Violeta

While still not a foodie trend, the owners were determined to restore this old tavern in Chamberí, maintaining its essence. They have more than 20 different types of vermouth and the typical tapas: anchovies, gildas, pickles… of course, the careful selection of music and art in serving the appetizer makes it one of the benchmarks for the youth when having vermouth on the weekends. You’ll probably be standing, but that’s the way the traditional taverns are 😉

Barra de La Hora del Vermut.

La Hora del Vermut

For 8 years now, they have preached the art of aperitifs to locals and tourists from their stall in San Miguel Market. Now they have made the leap to the neighborhood of Retiro, sharing an area with another of the great tapas: Atlantic, Casa de Petiscos. In its huge bar you can match any of its more than 80 types of vermouth with smoked, salted and preserved foods. A tavern with design to update the tapas route of the south of the Salamanca district.

Vermut en Arima Basque Gastronomy.


On Calle Ponzano there are many (maybe too many) bars to drink cañas. But few where they treat the aperitif with the seriousness it deserves, and in particular vermouth. Here they embroider the recipe of marianito, which is what vermouth is called with a touch of gin. But beware that the “marianitos” are devilishly loaded and I recommend that you eat some of their portions of new Basque cuisine. Don’t miss the “vermutekes’” most famous time, Sunday parties with vermouth in the leading role.

Ventanal de Gran Clavel. Foto de Pablo Gómez-Ogando

Gran Clavel

In this new space of the Hotel Iberostar Las Letras Gran Vía they offer a showcase of the best of Madrid’s cuisine. For this reason there are 3 different areas: food house, wine bar and vermouth. All the decoration has a “60s” style revisited, done in such a way that it maintains the essence with a retro touch. The good thing about it is that if you start with the appetizer and “you go upstairs”, you can always stay to eat and enjoy good Madrid cuisine.

Fachada de Vermut y Amén en el Mercado de Vallehermoso.

Vermut y Amén

The gastronomic markets of Madrid are one of the hallmarks of the city. Here there are typical stalls like butchers or fishmongers, mixed with with foodies like Tres por Cuatro in the Mercado de Torrijos and Rocklette in the Mercado de Vallehermoso. Precisely in the latter is the smallest of the new vermouth places in Madrid. Of course they have Zarro or Miró , but they bet on Lodeiros, the new Galician hit.

Salas azul y verde de La Colmada.

La Colmada

This new space in Malasaña is specialized in Galician marine preserves, such as cans from La Pureza or oysters from O Submarino. But they also have a large selection of garden products, which you can easily find by the colors of the walls: blue for sea products and green for those on the ground. You can buy their delicatessen to take them home or eat them right there with a Espinaler, Bandarra or Coppini vermouth.

Fachada de la Taberna La Elisa. Foto de María G. Aguado

Taberna La Elisa

The boys from Triciclo have restored this old bar on Calle Santa María in the Las Letras neighborhood to get its most authentic side. Dishes of Madrid food tradition with a modern twist in rations and half portions. There is no shortage of classics such as “oreja de cerdo crujiente con mojo” or “morro rebozado” with appetizers by units such as the “tiger mussel” or the “stuffed mushroom”.

Interior de Verbena Bar.

Verbena Bar

One of the meeting places for lovers of kitsch (and vermouth) of Madrid. Come on, if you’re an old person with a young soul you’ll love it. With its menu of standard tapas and its vermouth on tap, it’s one of my favorite places to have an aperitif in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo. From time to time they have DJ’s on Sunday mornings, so drinking vermouth at this bar becomes a party. Joy and joke in one of the new vermuterías of Madrid.

Vermús de Vacaciones Cocktail Bar.


Although I have already talked about Vacaciones as one of the best coffee shops for the first date, there is much more to this place. Or, don’t you think that a beach kiosk atmosphere is a good match for drinking vermouth? They have two options: the black vermouth of Cara Mariol and the bank of Olave. Also, as it is in the entire core of Malasaña, it’s the type of place where you stay to have the aperitif and you end up arriving at your house at 8 o’clock in in the evening 🙂

Librería de Tipos Infames.

Tipos Infames

The charming bookshop par excellence of Malasaña. It opens every day and is the meeting point for those who choose what book to take home with a vermouth. WARNING: they don’t have food, so it’s best that you limit the number of vermouths you drink there. Either that, or buy a bottle and drink it at home while you browse your new acquisition.


These are the new vermuterías of Madrid, for now. Vermuth is experiencing a real boom and I don’t rule out continuing to add new venues. I was not a diehard fan of the wine marinated with herbs, but after a few years in the city, I’ve become a preacher of the cause. Or, is there a better plan for having the aperitif with your friends without knowing how the day will end?

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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